Chakras and stones

You can use gemstones and minerals for different things. For example, to get rid of your headache or feeling of stress, but also things like pregnancy nausea and even more aches and pains. But before you start, you will need to know which stone to place where to solve a certain problem. So before we start with the gemstones and minerals, you will first have to learn to find the chakras of your body and know what the associated stones are.
Minerals work best when used on the seventh chakra. That is one of the central energy points of your body. You can place the stones on for a short time, but also for a long time, such as a whole night or day, with a plaster, for example, to keep them in place. You place some stones in water overnight and then drink the water in the morning. Depending on what your problem is, there are many solutions to be found in gemstones and minerals. When your stone starts to crack and lose pieces you will notice that it is starting to work. Eventually you will have to get a new one. Gemstones are minerals that have been assigned special values based on their special properties such as clarity, hardness or rarity. If they are later processed further into, for example, earrings or a ring, they will have even more value than when they were first found in the ground.


The first chakra

The first chakra is the base or root chakra. Located between the coccyx and the genitals, this chakra is the energy center of sexuality and reproduction. The blood and glandular function of the kidney function also belong to this energy center. All sensual traces and derailments arise from the first chakra. Lack of libido, addictions or pleasure in sex can be affected by this. The stones that belong to this chakra are red and black:

  • ruby
  • grenade
  • coral
  • red jasper
  • black tourmaline
  • onyx
  • hematite
  • rhodonite


The second chakra

The second chakra is the cross or sacral chakra. This is located above the pubic bone in your lower abdomen. Place your right hand on your stomach so that your thumb is on your navel and your little finger points downwards, the part your hand is now on is the second chakra. From here, the flow of all body fluids is energetically influenced, your tears and sweat, but also blood and stomach juices, etc. If you look hormonally, the ovaries, texts and gonads are also influenced. The planet of this chakra is the moon. Stones that belong to this chakra are orange:

  • orange-colored beryl
  • carnelian
  • citrine
  • orange colored jasper


The third chakra

The third chakra is the solar plexus, place your right hand on your stomach so that your little finger is on your navel. The thumb then points upwards upwards. The part your hand rests on is the third chakra, the solar plexus. This chakra belongs to the pancreas and is energetically responsible for digestion and everything that goes with it. Relaxation of the third chakra is important for the vegetative nervous system. The stones of this chakra are yellow and gold, as it is related to the sun.

  • citrine
  • tiger’s eye
  • yellow tourmaline
  • topaz


The fourth chakra

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra and is located in the center of the chest. This is the energy center that is energetically responsible for the blood and cardiac circulation, but also for the immune forces. The heart chakra has two planets, the sun and Venus. The stones are green and pink:

  • rose quartz
  • aventurien
  • rhodochrosite
  • crysocolla
  • jade
  • chrysoprase
  • olivine
  • rhodonite
  • coral
  • moss agate
  • emerald
  • tourmaline


The fifth chakra

The fifth chakra is the neck or throat chakra and is located at the bottom of the neck. This energetically supplies the thyroid gland with hormone production. Ears and vocal cords, but also hunger and thirst belong to the fifth chakra. The planets of the fifth chakra are Mars, Mercury and Uranus. The stones are blue:

  • opal
  • pearl
  • moonstone
  • aquamarine
  • chalcedony
  • turquoise
  • blue topaz
  • coelestine
  • chrysocolla


The sixth chakra

The sixth chakra is the frontal chakra, some call it the third eye. If you feel something upwards from the lump on your nose with two fingers, you will feel a bridge, as it were, between your nose and your eyebrows. This is the sixth chakra and energetically influences the senses for the eyes and nose. The central nervous system is also related to this chakra. The planets for this chakra are Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter. The stones are bright blue to violet:

  • fluorite
  • amethyst
  • rock crystal
  • sodalite
  • sapphire


The seventh chakra

The seventh and final chakra is the skull chakra and is located at the top of your head. From this point all energy can penetrate from top to bottom. This chakra is connected to the anterior lobes of the pituitary gland and directs a person’s mental and physical growth.

Possibilities of use of stones

You can use the stones in various ways. A few are listed below:

  1. You use some stones as a talisman
  2. If you have a mineral in its original raw state, you can use it in an energy field by placing it in the room that you use a lot so that it spreads energy in that room itself instead of on one specific person.
  3. A handstone is a stone from which the roughness has been ground so that you can always carry it with you in your pocket or a small velvet bag around your neck. This works through constant contact with the person who carries it.
  4. Whether you have a rough or processed stone, these also work by being placed in a specific place or chakra for a short or longer period of time. For example, by sticking two plasters over it so that it stays in place.
  5. Some stones can be used to massage the skin to reduce certain pain.
  6. Some stones can be processed in such a way that you can put a leather or cotton strap on them so that you can wear the stone on your skin. This works the same as a hand stone, through direct contact with the skin of the person wearing the stone.
  7. Ball-shaped stones are used as a chain
  8. Some soft stones can be ground into powder, then mixed with a little water into a paste and applied to the problem area. You dissolve some powders in a glass of water and drink them
  9. You can use a stone as a meditation center by placing it on the ground in front of you when you meditate
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