What can you do against dandruff?

Dandruff is a common and annoying ailment. The flaky scalp is not a pleasant sight, especially when your shoulders are regularly covered in rain and the dandruff is visible on your (dark) clothing. Many people have dandruff, some more severely than others. What can you do against dandruff and can nutrition influence the reduction of a flaky scalp? Dandruff is a true common ailment, thirty-three percent of adult Dutch people suffer from it. Besides the fact that it is not a fresh sight, it can also be very itchy.

What can be done about it?

  • Rinse your hair well after washing, as shampoo residue can also cause dandruff.
  • Avoid excessive use of gel, wax, mousse and hairspray.
  • Sunlight has a beneficial effect, so go outside as soon as the sun shines.
  • Massage the scalp regularly for better blood circulation. This also reduces dandruff.


Vichy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

There are three types, for oily hair, for dry hair and against hair loss. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. You should continue to use the anti-dandruff shampoo with every wash for three weeks. After the first three weeks, use once a week is sufficient. For the other washes you can then use Dercos Dermo-calming shampoo from Vichy. The shampoo you normally use can of course also be used if it is not an aggressive shampoo.

Resdan medicated anti-dandruff shampoo

This shampoo has three variants, namely Resdan Medicinal Anti-dandruff shampoo Normal to Oily hair, namely Resdan Medicinal Anti-dandruff shampoo Dry and Damaged hair and Resdan Medicinal Anti-dandruff shampoo Forte Treatment. The products are available at the pharmacy.

Rosemary oil

Mix 5 drops of rosemary oil with the shampoo per wash and wash your hair with it. You can buy Rosemary oil at De Tuinen, K&K, the Bodyshop and health food stores.


Bring water to the boil and sprinkle with plenty of fresh thyme. Let this mixture steep for a day. Then pour it through a sieve. Use the infusion as a final rinse after washing your hair. Seems to help against dandruff.


Before washing your hair, massage vinegar into your scalp. Let this soak in for a few minutes. After this, wash the hair as you normally would. You can also add some vinegar to the last rinse water. That also works, but a little less well. Moreover, your hair will not smell so good.

Salicylic Acid Solution 2% FNA

This medicine is available from pharmacies without a prescription. It acts on the stratum corneum of the skin, reducing dandruff. Apply to the scalp and leave on for ten minutes to half an hour. Then you can wash it as usual. Make sure the stuff doesn’t get into your eyes.


There are a number of nutrients that improve the structure of the (scalp) skin and therefore reduce flaking, these are:

  • Vegetables, such as carrots, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, blackberries and green leafy vegetables. You prefer to eat green leafy vegetables uncooked, take lettuce for example.
  • Nettle tea also has a beneficial effect on the scalp. You can drink this or add it to the last rinse water after washing your hair.
  • Crustaceans and fish contain essential fatty acids and minerals. Eating this has a beneficial effect on skin problems.

Maybe an idea to try this out for a few weeks. If it doesn’t help, then it won’t hurt. In addition, try to avoid sugars and other carbohydrates as much as possible. These can cause and maintain skin problems.
Diet is based on information from the book “The right food, the best medicine”, by Pierre Jean Cousin.
If the dandruff is really persistent and all these remedies do not help, it is wise to consult your doctor. This is to rule out other diseases or causes.

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