How can you lose weight by jumping rope?

Jumping rope is not only fun for young people. Losing weight by jumping rope is very possible. You burn a lot of calories and the time usually flies by. So start jumping rope and lose weight!

Lose weight with jumping rope

Losing weight by jumping rope is a fun way to lose excess weight. And it is not very difficult. You burn a lot of calories. Namely: 0.14 per minute, per kilo. An example: someone who weighs 90 kilos and jumps rope for fifteen minutes will already lose 189 calories. When jumping rope you can build up fitness and use different muscles, such as in your legs, arms, calves and even your stomach and back. Another advantage is that it hardly costs any money. You can get a skipping rope for just a few euros.

Buy a jump rope

Preferably choose a thick and long skipping rope. A thicker skipping rope is heavier and therefore more effective. You also work well on your arm muscles! You can buy the better skipping ropes in most sports stores. There are also skipping ropes that can count for you how many you have jumped. These are usually a lot more expensive, so the question is whether you want this.

How long should you jump rope for?

If you are just starting to jump rope, it is advisable to build it up slowly. This prevents injuries. For example, start with just five minutes per session. Then you can build it up to ten minutes and extend it even further. If you practice enough, you can jump rope for half an hour or more and lose weight. Don’t immediately start jumping like crazy, but build up gradually. Do it at your own pace and prevent injuries this way.

How do you jump?

There are many ways to jump if you want to lose weight by jumping rope. For example, jump with your feet together or apart. You can also jump on one leg or do a kind of hopping jump. For an extra challenge, you can pass the rope under you twice in one jump or keep your arms crossed. The variety allows you to train other muscle groups or burn more calories. However, always start with the basics and make sure you master them.

Healthy lifestyle

Losing weight with jumping rope will be more effective if you live a healthy lifestyle. Try to make healthy choices in your diet. Avoid sugar and fat and don’t eat too much. Be sure not to eat too little, this is a mistake that many people make when they want to lose weight. Choose three meals and six snacks. There are countless ways to have a healthy snack.

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