Zodiac signs: The very worst qualities

Everyone knows it: you meet someone with whom you don’t click at all. While the person in question has done nothing to you. Maybe it’s the stars! Because every person has their limit. What misery can you expect from which zodiac sign? Once you are prepared, you can also consider which qualities you could or could not live with. The choice is yours, and never say you weren’t warned… NB. Please read the report below with a wink!


Aries always go into confrontation. They are completely insensitive to the emotions of others, which is why they do not shy away from a big argument. As soon as the riot is a fact, the Aries will aggressively make mincemeat of you and fall into a childishness like you have never seen before. In addition, Aries never looks critically at themselves, they are egocentric by nature and incredibly impatient: everything has to be done right away! Because the Aries acts first and thinks later, the Aries also regrets things more quickly. Anyone dealing with an Aries must always first scan and determine Aries’ mood, in short: a zodiac sign with a long instruction manual!

  • Makes a drama out of everything
  • Impulsive and erratic
  • Makes the same mistakes over and over again
  • Terrible attention seeker
  • Irritable type, especially in the morning
  • Fighting about nothing
  • Angry and far too temperamental
  • Comes home much late without giving a reason
  • Jumps from the shore into the ditch
  • Reckless and rash in everything, including driving
  • Blames others for own problems
  • Goes to extremes
  • Thinks he excels and is superior
  • Completely destructive
  • Showy and macho behavior
  • Always has to prove himself



The Taurus will not move a muscle due to lack of motivation, and so the Taurus easily falls into laziness and passivity. The calm impression that Taurus makes will irritate others. Taurus seems to get bogged down in sleeping, snacking and spending money on nice things. Image is important to Taurus, to such an extent that Taurus does everything it can to give the impression that everything is going perfectly. Tauruses are stubborn and difficult to shake from their ideas. Once a Taurus is angry, the ‘crazy Taurus’ emerges and it is better to go for a walk around the block…

  • Extremely lazy and lazy
  • Doesn’t get out of bed and snores
  • There is no movement
  • Doesn’t tell anyone else
  • Loves money and matter more than people
  • Indulges in food without limits
  • Obsesses about money and throws money around
  • Lives on someone else’s pocket
  • Has nothing to say at all



The Gemini is completely uncontrollable and does not take the truth very seriously. Fast talkers as they are, it is better not to take their flow of words so seriously. A Gemini can change their mind at any minute, just as it suits them. They will also make claims that are completely deceptive, leaving you wondering whether the Gemini actually knows he is lying or has no idea. Geminis are also superficial and cannot be trusted. Their cunning is notorious, they know how to do it in such a way that you fall into a trap anyway and you even feel ripped off afterwards.

  • Talks your ears off and gossips non-stop
  • Flirt with every passer-by
  • Twists the truth and lies in front of you
  • Cheats
  • Gets involved in everything
  • Unreliable through and through
  • Bites nails and smokes like a chimney
  • Pays the bills way too late or not at all
  • Wants people around him all the time
  • Assumes different identities



Cancers are completely manipulative: they use their emotions to get things done, and if they don’t get their way, they degenerate into impossible figures that are impossible to navigate. Anyone who has a Cancer in their environment has to constantly walk on their toes because the Cancer cannot take much. At the slightest thing, the oversensitive Cancer is upset and hides far away from the angry outside world or clings to a stranger where the tender heart is poured out. The irony is that the sentimental Cancer can also hurt like the best of them. The sour pessimism of Cancer is added to this.

  • Practices emotional blackmail
  • Lives in dreamland
  • Plays the murdered innocence
  • Don’t forgive, don’t forget
  • Possessive type
  • Oversensitive in everything, whining about nothing
  • Turns complaining into a sport
  • Or sweet, or bitter
  • Ignores you and silences you to death



Leos have a narcissistic streak: they believe the world revolves around them and want to be admired by everyone. De Leeuw does everything for that. Male Lions roar on stages or fight in the gym for that coveted six-pack, while female Lions can be found in the fitting rooms of expensive fashion houses, constantly filing their nails and not shying away from some Botox. The Lion is a braggart and proudly talks about everything he has achieved. And unfortunately that’s where arrogance comes into play: Leo is so full of himself that he can’t imagine that others don’t think he’s just as great. As if that wasn’t enough, Leo is also bossy. With Leo you feel yourself getting smaller…

  • Boasts and exhibits bossy behavior
  • Wasteful and only likes the most expensive
  • Constantly wants to be the center of attention
  • Can go crazy
  • Only remains faithful when it suits him
  • Wants constant admiration and adoration from others
  • Brutal and loud
  • Disgustingly vain
  • Way too proud



Virgos are known for their unimaginable criticism. Absolutely nothing is right in their eyes, they grumble, complain, whine and whine and are extremely worried by nature. Virgo spends the days and nights worrying and gloomy, they are terrified of tomorrow, fed up with yesterday and feeling sorry for themselves. Virgos are also very perfectionistic, but to the point of being fussy. They do not accept mistakes, they get angry when someone makes a mistake and can think about that fact for a long time. Furthermore, Virgo is the biggest nervous tendon in the entire zodiac, and they only have themselves to blame for that nervousness. Virgo doesn’t get around to being social at all, they are so busy with their excessive inner stress and their crazy thinking.

  • Hates everything
  • Rattling with prejudices
  • Overly critical
  • Antisocial up to and including
  • Worries all day about nothing
  • Imagines diseases
  • Cold and calculating
  • Doesn’t like anything he doesn’t know
  • Caught up in details
  • Nervous and fussy
  • You’re whining your ears off
  • Gets into a bad mood with family and acquaintances



Libras seem easygoing creatures, but the fact that they cannot say ‘no’ is disturbing in the long run. Because Libra also denies that he said ‘yes’, and so Libra always leaves the truth open. It is difficult to gauge what is going on in Libra. Libras are masters at mentally isolating themselves, especially when decisions are looming. In addition, they want to be friends with everyone and appear nice. Forcing Libra to make a decision is counterproductive, because even though Libra gives the impression of cooperation, its own pace dominates and that is not very fast.

  • Horribly stubborn
  • Makes promises that he doesn’t keep
  • Keeps people in line
  • Thinks he’s the best lover
  • Can never make a decision
  • Plays for the sake of peace
  • Never says what he thinks
  • Leads everyone astray
  • Has ulterior motives
  • Superficial, no depth
  • Spends hours in front of the mirror



Scorpios are downright dangerous. Playing with their emotions is therefore not recommended, you open the gates of hell. Scorpio is overly mysterious and likes to exercise power without sparing anything. They are also attracted to secrets, forbidden things, the bad side in people and death. No wonder Scorpio can seem dark and obsessive. Because Scorpio thinks in extremes! Just when you think you finally have a bond of trust with Scorpio, the animal strikes mercilessly and initiates a revenge scenario that you never thought possible.

  • Unbelievably vindictive
  • Distrusts everything and everyone
  • Hides every emotion
  • Does not take others into account
  • If necessary, it will be about dead bodies
  • Infatuated with power
  • Unnecessarily mysterious
  • Jealous, sneaky, underhanded



The dominant Sagittarius is far from authentic, because true thoughts remain hidden. What one sees is the outside: the superficial party song with a crowd of dubious fans. Sagittarius considers itself extremely important and likes to speak up. Unfortunately, Sagittarius looks down on others in a blunt manner, seemingly carefree and overly optimistic. Furthermore, Sagittarians have no shame and have no regard for others. You can pick out the tactless, restless Sagittarius anywhere: they have the biggest mouth and are by far the boldest in the entire zodiac.

  • Indebted everywhere
  • Must always be in the foreground
  • Dishonest and insincere
  • Childish
  • Never heard of loyalty
  • Takes other people’s ideas and plays with feelings
  • Has no conscience
  • Constantly looking for kicks
  • Creeps up shamelessly



Capricorns are extremely cautious and suspicious. Their sense of realism makes it difficult for them to enjoy things, they see a dark side to everything. Capricorn also tells you the truth and that position will never change. This rigidity is accompanied by skepticism, for the goat the rule is: first see, then believe. Anyone who has ever hurt a Capricorn will have to pay for it for life. A Capricorn knows no forgiveness and is quickly disappointed in people. They seem perpetually irritated and constantly criticize other people and other ways of life. Anyone who does not share Capricorn’s ambition is a good-for-nothing in the eyes of the goat.

  • Plays judge of others
  • Stubborn and inflexible
  • Far too pessimistic
  • Likes to humiliate
  • Looks down on others
  • No understanding for other people’s problems
  • Always in a bad mood



The Aquarius’ behavior is shocking and he loves sarcasm. They are way ahead of their time, to such an extent that others feel like they come from prehistoric times when they are around an Aquarius. Aquarians have no time for emotions, nor do they tell anything about themselves. Aquarius can be very sulky, they pout in a corner so that others can guess what is wrong. Their unpredictability and rebellious nature is hopeless, they make their own rules. Aquarians are the weirdos of the zodiac, they are unruly, want to be ‘different’ and, above all, don’t give in.

  • Indifferent to others
  • Never listens
  • Unapproachable and distant
  • Surly for some unknown reason
  • Refuses to discuss matters
  • Never, ever give in
  • Wants to be served at his beck and call
  • Unfathomable



Pisces can’t handle reality at all. To disconnect himself, Vis becomes addicted to a variety of bad habits, including alcohol and gambling. Spending money excessively is also in their nature, preferably other people’s money. The naive Pisces has completely unrealistic ideas. They are chaotic and forgetful, which logically causes them to constantly lose things. In addition, Pisces cannot control their emotions, appear weak and cannot exchange meaningful words with them because they have such an impractical approach to life. Pisces live in their own dream world, from which they can ‘read’ your feelings.

  • Becomes addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs and gambling
  • Heartbreaker
  • Ungroomed, doesn’t shave, hates showering
  • Callous under gentle appearance
  • Has countless bad habits
  • Wasted money, including that of others
  • Messy, loses things
  • Deceives and defrauds people
  • Jokes shamelessly and exaggerates greatly
  • Doesn’t give, just takes
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