Hemorrhoids after childbirth. Tips to get rid of it

After giving birth, many women experience physical discomfort. Something that often occurs after childbirth is hemorrhoids. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching, pain and a burning sensation around the anus. Fortunately, there are many ways that can contribute to faster healing of hemorrhoids. For example, the drug Curanol is known to work quickly against hemorrhoids. But home remedies such as nasal spray (saline solution) or ice packs can also shrink the hemorrhoids faster.

How do hemorrhoids develop after childbirth?

Hemorrhoids are in fact bulges of the lining of the intestine. These bulges manifest themselves in the anus, in the form of bumps. When the hemorrhoids become larger, they can also arise outside the anus.
Hemorrhoids can be caused by straining too hard. This is why many women experience this after giving birth. Straining creates high pressure around the anus for a long time, causing hemorrhoids. Hormones also play a role in the development of hemorrhoids. In some cases, hemorrhoids already occur during pregnancy.
General advice for preventing hemorrhoids is:

  • drink a lot of water;
  • do not postpone toilet visits;
  • eating enough fiber;
  • sufficient exercise (even when you are pregnant)



If you suffer from hemorrhoids, this can cause extreme itching and/or pain. The pain you experience is often a burning pain. There may also be a very pressing feeling around the anus. There may also be some blood in the stool. If you find blood or mucus on the toilet paper, this can also indicate hemorrhoids. Many women experience more pressure around the genitals after giving birth. When hemorrhoids develop, this can be extra stressful!

What can you do about it? Tips to get rid of it

The most important thing is of course: how do you get rid of those annoying hemorrhoids? In any case, accept the fact that the hemorrhoids will not disappear within a day. Fortunately, there are many things that can contribute to a speedy recovery and can at least significantly reduce the pain and itching.


Curanol is a very popular remedy when it comes to hemorrhoids after childbirth. This is because, unlike many other products, it can be used without problems in combination with breastfeeding. Curanol is an ointment that must be applied several times a day on and around the hemorrhoids. This ensures that the skin around the affected area remains elastic. There are also Curanol tablets, which keep the stool soft. The tablets are often also used, because they strengthen the effect of the ointment.

Ice packs can ease the pain

Pressing an ice pack against the hemorrhoids several times a day can be very soothing. It immediately reduces pain and itching by reducing swelling. Furthermore, you will notice that the hemorrhoids will actually shrink when you do this. Hemorrhoids do not like this cold. Because the area around the anus can be difficult to reach with a normal compress, you can choose to make a compress yourself.

Make your own compress

Fill a tampon with water and freeze it. Other tips for making an ice pack are to fill a bag with jam or peas. You can easily bend this to another shape later. Wrap the ice pack in a tea towel or a hydrophilic washcloth before holding it against the anus. The ice compress should never be used directly on the skin.

Nose spray

Another good tip is to apply nasal spray to the hemorrhoids several times a day. The saline solution ensures that the hemorrhoids will shrink. Furthermore, this will also reduce the pain and itching. Do this about five times a day, spread throughout the day. After a few days you will notice a difference.

Eat enough fiber

If you suffer a lot from hemorrhoids, this can also seriously complicate bowel movements. Going to the toilet for a big errand after giving birth is no fun for many women anyway. Because of the hemorrhoids, you may no longer be able or willing to apply pressure at all. It is therefore very important to choose food that contains sufficient fiber. This ensures that the stool remains soft. This means you don’t have to push as hard during the toilet visit and you will put less strain on the affected area.

Do not scratch!

It is important not to scratch the hemorrhoids. Even though it may be a relief for the moment, in the end you will only make it worse! It is also wise not to use colored toilet paper. In many cases, moist toilet paper sold in stores is also not good, due to the perfume contained in it. It is better to hold a piece of toilet paper under the tap and carefully dab the anus clean. There are also special hemorrhoid wipes for sale at the pharmacy for after visiting the toilet.

How long does it take?

Often a change will take place in the first days after following the tips. The hemorrhoids shrink or there is less pressure on them. Within a week the hemorrhoids are significantly smaller. It often disappears completely within two weeks.

If complaints persist, see your doctor

If the complaints do not improve, always contact your GP or midwife. They can then provide you with appropriate advice for your situation !

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