Feel good when you get up – a good mood in the morning

Morning mood! You have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and only take action two hours later. You don’t feel fresh and suffer from morning sickness. Here are the tips that will make you feel good in the early hours.

The evening before

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, you should look for the cause in the evening. There is probably something wrong with your sleep pattern that is waking you up at a bad time in your sleep cycle. Or maybe you don’t sleep enough? When are you going to sleep? When you really get tired or only when the movie on television is over? Go to sleep the first time you feel like you could actually sleep. That is really your sleeping moment. Not until three hours later. Don’t get hung up on an hour, but on a feeling. If you think you could sleep, you probably can. Reduce light stimuli two hours before you go to sleep so as not to disrupt the natural production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you fall asleep). Laptops and brightly lit television screens keep you awake. But the biggest reason why you are still dog tired in the morning is probably because you eat too late and snack too much in the evening. Get your stomach rested before you sleep. This way your digestion and detoxification can work optimally at night and you will be full of energy the next day. Incomplete digestion and detoxification are also the main reason why many people do not feel like having breakfast.
Tip : You can unlearn habits in no time. In fourteen days you have taught your body not to crave sugar anymore.

A positive start

You can’t know how the day will turn out, but you can control how it starts. This science can give you a serious boost in the morning. Decide the night before which thought will be your first thought when you open your eyes the next day. What will definitely work today? What will be fun about your day? For example, if you have agreed to have lunch with a nice colleague, you can already look forward to it. Or do you go to the cinema in the evening? Think first about what will be fun that day, not about the more difficult things. If you immediately think about all your deadlines, your stress hormones will increase as soon as you get up, disrupting your metabolism and appetite. Your body responds to ‘danger’ or stress in this case with the production of cortisol. Your feeling of hunger is then postponed until an hour or two later, which is usually accompanied by a heavy sugar dip. You then automatically reach for sweets.
Tip : Put to do’s and deadlines on paper. In your head you make room for the fun things of the day. This way you can feel the fun and do the practical.

Your morning ritual

See how best to get started. Maybe you prefer to take a shower first and then have breakfast. Or do you walk around in your pajamas for another half hour to prepare breakfast and then go to the bathroom? What suits you will give you the most energy.
Doing the same thing every day helps to program your body. This is how you create new habits. Moreover, a ritual provides stability and peace.

Healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast consists of energy-giving fuels (carbohydrates) and good building materials (proteins). This gives you the best start for the day and keeps you feeling full for a long time. Think of:

  • A soft-boiled egg with whole wheat soldiers
  • A whole wheat sandwich with chicken whites
  • Unsweetened muesli, yoghurt or cottage cheese

Tip : Don’t just eat fruit for breakfast: the sugars are immediately absorbed and you will quickly feel hungry again or have a sugar dip. Combine it with proteins for long-lasting satiety, so that you get hungry less quickly and feel energetic.

Which bread

Always choose whole wheat bread. You can choose from different types of grains: spelt, oats, wheat, rye and barley. Healthy people prefer spelt. This grain is naturally allergic to fertilizers and pesticides, which makes it a very pure grain. This has the advantage that it contains many minerals and vitamins even more than other grains.


  • pastries and croissants
  • sugared corn flakes and breakfast cereals
  • grain cakes
  • White bread
  • sweetened fruit yoghurts
  • fatty cheeses and charcuterie


Well started

  1. Think of something beautiful or good to start the day.
  2. Light! Open the curtains, look at the sun. In the absence of sunlight, artificial light also works well.
  3. Stretch your body awake.
  4. For a kick start, have coffee or tea without sugar or milk. It is important to get used to pure flavors.
  5. Stimulate your metabolism by having a healthy breakfast.
  6. Try to exercise in the morning. Having time to walk for ten minutes is a matter of organization.


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