5 Examples of the Dreams of Today’s Children

5 Examples of the Dreams of Today's Children
When a child reaches adulthood, he will begin to face many choices in life, one of which is work. We know that there are many types of work. With the development of the internet, many new types of jobs are emerging. This ultimately becomes an opportunity as well as an opportunity for a child to begin to know what job he wants in the future.

It could be that parents have only introduced various types of jobs in general, for example teachers, doctors, pilots and firefighters. However, parents also have limitations in providing information regarding the type of work a child can take when they grow up.

Currently, the world is in a transition period from a life without the internet to a life full of the internet. However, still, there are some jobs that will still exist forever. Meanwhile, there are many types of jobs that will develop along with the development of the world of technology and the internet.

So, this article will contain various recommendations regarding examples of children’s ideals, from examples of the ideals of children in the past to examples of the ideals of children today. The job of parents, of course, is to introduce children to various job options that have the potential to be taken up in the future. By having knowledge about goals, this can be the first step for a child in determining future life goals.

A. Examples of the ideals of today’s children

When you were little, you were often asked about your dreams or usually “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe there are those who are confused, but there are also those who answer with an optimistic attitude, for example doctors, teachers, pilots, even astronauts. The answer to the question about ideals is very popular among the generation of children born from the 90s to the early 20s.

However, as explained above, the development of the world with the internet is very rapid. As a result, children’s aspirations also change over time. The following are some examples of the ideals of today’s children, including:

1. YouTuber

The first example of the ideals of today’s children is of course YouTubers. YouTube itself has become a platform that can be used by everyone to share videos. Nowadays, there are many people who use YouTube as a medium to achieve success. As time goes by, YouTube continues to develop, it is possible that this profession will continue to exist for the next 10 years.

Based on a survey conducted in University College London research, there are many children who are still in education and are aware that they already have the dream of becoming a YouTuber. This survey was also confirmed by Katherine Chen from Associate Professor at City College of New York, she said that children are more exposed to YouTube influencers nowadays.

For some people, becoming a YouTuber is considered to guarantee a promising future. YouTubers can also be said to be the same as other professional workers. Within a week, a YouTuber who already has many followers can earn up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Apart from being a profession, the number of followers can be an indicator of the success of a YouTuber account. Therefore, if someone can gain a lot of trust from the public, then YouTubers will increasingly open up opportunities to inspire them. This is also significant for the income that will be obtained from advertising.

2. Celebgram

The second example of the ideals of today’s children is Selebgram. Not only YouTube, one of the social media that has given rise to a new type of profession is Instagram. Instagram itself is one of the applications that is widely used by today’s children. If previous generations were familiar with Facebook, Instagram is part of this world technology giant.

As the development of internet technology increases, many young people, especially the millennial generation, use the social media application Instagram as a medium for expressing creativity. It doesn’t stop there, as Instagram develops, now this application can be used to earn income, from gaining popularity to gaining trust from various parties.

This profession is usually called a celebrity or Instagram celebrity. One way to become a celebrity is to create interesting content so that it can get the attention of many people. Nowadays, many young people are competing to become Instagram celebrities, this is because it can be a way to promote themselves to other people.

Just like YouTube, the success of a celebrity can be seen from the number of followers on their Instagram account. Apart from that, the more people you reach, the greater the benefits that can be felt by both parties. The thing that celebgrams most often do is promote products from sellers and provide comments or responses to issues that exist in the real world.

3. Vloggers

The most common example of the ideals of today’s children is a vlogger or video blogger. The profession of a video blogger is of course very familiar to us. In the past, the profession of blogger or blog writer was very busy on the Internet. Currently, this profession has developed into someone who creates video content related to various things that have the potential to attract the attention of many people. Some examples of videos from vloggers, namely daily vlog, travel vlog, beauty vlog, and so on.

However, Vlogger is basically almost the same as the profession of a YouTuber. However, the difference between these two professions lies in the media used to publish. A YouTuber will of course upload his video work via the YouTube platform. Meanwhile, vloggers have the freedom to upload their videos, whether on their personal website or via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and so on.

4. Chef

The fourth example of the ideals of today’s children is very popular lately, namely chef. For lovers of the world of cooking, you can be sure that you are very familiar with the figure of Gordon Ramsay. Gordon himself started his career as a hotel management officer and has worked closely with famous chefs. The chefs that Gordon has met include Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, and Pierre Koffmann.

Thanks to his hard work, he gained a lot of very mature work experience. It should be noted that while he worked at the hotel, he not only liked learning about culinary arts, he also learned about culinary business strategies to be successful. In the millennium era like now, the profession of chef or baker is increasingly sought after by children, both girls and boys. This is basically comparable to the increase in the number of cafes, restaurants and bakeries around us.

5. Professional Athlete

The fifth example of the ideals of today’s children is a professional athlete. In ancient times, sport was only understood as a hobby or a natural talent. Nowadays, many athletes have emerged from Indonesia who have achieved various national and international achievements. This is an inspiration for today’s children to become professional athletes who can make their country proud.

The world of technology has influenced human life a lot, including sports. Sports are also not only seen as competition, but rather as entertainment that is very suitable for various groups, young or old, men or women, and so on. Apart from that, the income of a professional athlete is also not small. If a child succeeds in mastering a sport, there is a guarantee of life for the child.


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