Tips for a good and healthy diet

Everyone wants to have a nice weight and not be too heavy. So what is the perfect diet? How do you lose weight as quickly as possible? And is losing weight quickly wise? Many people still don’t always know the answer to this. And that is also difficult, because every person is different. What are the most important rules for a good and healthy diet?

Dieting can be very easy, but also very difficult

Dieting is like riding a bicycle. You need a lot of practice to get it right. Lots of practice. No one naturally knows how best to lose weight. You need to know when you have really decided for yourself to lose weight. Follow a good and healthy diet and make sure you follow a good program to lose weight properly. There are 5 rules you should adhere to. Losing weight can be done in different ways. There are low-calorie diets, high-protein diets, carbohydrate diets and low-fat diets. read more about all types of diets at this link.

Rule 1: Be sure you really need to lose weight

It is important to accept that you are going to diet, so that you are sure that it is really necessary. View your weight realistically and ask yourself if you are really overweight. Avoid the trap of dieting for the wrong reasons. An eating disorder will make you think you are even fatter than you actually are. On the other hand, it is wise to diet if it is really necessary. For example, ask your doctor, if he indicates that it is necessary, go to line 2.

Rule 2: Don’t start losing weight if you’re not ready yet

Make sure you are ready to start dieting. Trying to lose weight is often just as difficult as quitting smoking. You have tried to lose weight in the past, but this did not work or you ended up gaining the same weight back. How can you be sure you are ready now? Ask yourself the following things;

1. I want to lose weight because,

  • a) someone in my immediate environment indicates that I look better
  • b) my doctor indicates that it is better for my health
  • c) I think that dieting is good for my health and that I can look better.


2. I am now willing to diet because,

  • a) I no longer have a job and dieting keeps me busy
  • b) I broke up with my partner and dieting no longer reminds me of my broken heart
  • c) my life is going well, and I think I now have the energy to change my eating habits.


3. My goal is to… lose weight

  • a) 5 kilos in the first week
  • b) 5 kilos in the first month
  • c) 5 kilos


My diet consists of

  • a) An orange 3 times a day, nice and healthy
  • b) All kinds of fruit, only fruit. No one can live on oranges alone
  • c) Fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy products, meat, fish, etc. Only in minimized portions.


After I get to the right weight,…

  • a) changed my whole life
  • b) Eating ice cream has become prohibited
  • c) it is important to actively continue to eat healthily

Obviously the correct answer to all questions is answer C. Why? Because the answers are based on what you want and what you can do and not what others think of you. The incorrect answers are also not always realistic. Lose 5 kilos in 1 week? Say goodbye to all your problems? Don’t eat ice cream anymore? Sure!!

Rule 3: Choose a diet that contains all essential nutrients

A healthy way of losing weight, where you also want to lose a lot of kilos, must consist of a variety of different types of nutrients. Take broccoli as an example. This vegetable is packed with good vitamins, but you cannot live on this green flower arrangement alone. A variety of diets is very important. Food is meant to be enjoyed, even if you are dieting. If a chosen diet is tasty, it will also be easier to stick to it.

Rule 4: Choose a diet that you can use for the rest of your life

It is important to take your daily portion of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, etc. Remember that this should be done in smaller portions and well distributed throughout the day. Try not to eat as much after 8 p.m. (and certainly don’t snack). This already makes a huge difference. A diet must also be tasty and useful in your daily eating patterns for the rest of your life. This will help you maintain your weight and feel completely fit and healthy again!

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