Stress: Gardening is good for you!

Do you like gardening? Perhaps your hobby offers you more than just fun. Research has shown that “gardening is good for your health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and even helping you live longer,” according to London’s The Independent newspaper.


After a busy, stressful day, it’s a godsend to come home and potter in your garden a bit, says writer Gay Search. Not only is it rewarding work that you can fully immerse yourself in, but the exercise you get may be even better than that in the fitness center. How so? According to Search, activities such as digging and raking are good, vigorous exercise that burns more calories than cycling.


Maintaining a garden is something that especially benefits the elderly. Waiting for a new shoot or bud to appear helps them look ahead positively. Moreover, the garden provides an antidote to the pain and frustration of old age, says Dr Brigid Boardman of the Royal Horticultural Society. Older people often feel depressed because they become increasingly dependent on others. But, as Dr. Boardman notes, the need for control is fulfilled by the fact that we decide what we plant, how we arrange the garden and how we maintain it. And the need to take care of something is satisfied again.


People with mental health problems often feel relaxed when they work in a nice, quiet environment. Furthermore, growing flowers or food for others can help such people regain self-confidence and self-respect.

Green has a healing effect

However, gardeners are not the only ones who benefit from greenery. Professor Roger Ulrich from the University of Texas did a test with a group of people who had taken a stress-inducing test. He noticed that those who were taken to a green, tree-lined area had a faster recovery, measured by their heart rate and blood pressure, than those who were not in a natural environment. A similar test showed that patients who had to recover after surgery were better off lying in a room with a view of trees. It is said that compared to other patients, the patients recovered faster, went home earlier, needed fewer painkillers and complained less.


Many find gardening a hobby that really relaxes them. A hobby that allows them to come into contact with Mother Nature. In addition, it is not an expensive hobby, provided you do not spend a lot of money on exotic plants and garden equipment. So don’t hesitate to do some gardening after a stressful week!

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