Combine Minnetonkas with the rest of your outfit

Now you’ve finally gotten your hands on your cool Minnetonkas, but how do you wear these shoes now? And more importantly, how do you combine them with the rest of your outfit with this Indian look? A few handy fashion tips for true Minnetonka lovers…


Minnetonka has already stolen many women’s hearts in America. Especially in the summer you mainly see the shoes in the streets. Celebs like Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan combine the high lace-up boots under a short skirt with bare legs. Nicole Richie prefers the black ankle boots and wears them under light-colored jeans combined with many black accessories.

The Netherlands

In our little country, footballer and style icon Sylvie van der Vaart, among others, wears the cognac-colored Minnetonkas. She is a big fan of the shoe brand and owns several models, preferably in cognac color. Just like Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, the football lady wears the cool lace-up boots under a cut-off denim skirt, combined with a simple white shirt. She prefers to wear the ankle boots under her white jeans, which makes the cool look disappear somewhat. When she stays in Barcelona, where her husband Rafael plays football, Madame Van der Vaart takes her Minnetonka slippers out of the closet. And yes, there are those too! Nice and cool, but especially cool under straight jeans. In the Netherlands, these slippers will probably only become a real rage in the summer of 2009.

Color combinations

Because the open moccasins are unsuitable for autumn, the boots (high/low models) are very suitable for both spring and autumn. In the summer you wear them under a cool denim skirt, in the fall with tights and in the winter with pants or thick tights. With the black Minnetonkas, don’t just wear black tights/pants, but a different color. With the tan/cognaq-colored Minnetonkas you can wear black or gray tights/pants. Denim and leather always work well with Indian shoes.

Clothing combinations

You can wear Minnetonkas for any occasion: sporty, sexy or cool. It depends on how you combine the rest of your outfit with the boots. For a cool look, wear the boots under long pants. Pull a printed shirt out of the closet and hang a cool scarf around your neck. A cool leather jacket completes it. Create an Indian look with a denim skirt and leggings. Put on a colorful shirt and put a belt around your skirt in the same color as your Minnetonkas. Complete the look with large, silver hoop earrings in your ears. For a hippie look, choose an oversized, warm turtleneck that you put on over your thick tights. Complete the look with a wide belt, allowing you to look good.

Indian look

When you wear Minnetonkas, you quickly get an Indian look. Nothing wrong with that, but try to keep this limited to just your boots. So don’t do too much fuss, which will make you look like a Christmas tree. With only Minnetonkas on your legs, you can steal the show on the street. So keep the rest of your outfit calm and inconspicuous.

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