Help! How do you try on Minnetonka’s in the store?

Help! You’re in the store and there they are: your dream Minnetonka’s. It is now or never. You really want them, but what should you pay attention to when trying on these cool boots? And how should it be maintained?


First of all, you need to know the right size, because all those American sizes will not make sense to you. The size chart will help you with this. At Minnetonkas, the shoe size is printed on the inside of the suede, so don’t look around for a sticker on the sole of the shoe. Minnetonkas often grow larger, but they may also grow smaller. Therefore, always try on your own size first and feel how it fits. If it slides when you walk, choose a smaller pair, even if it is not your own shoe size. American sizes can sometimes differ considerably per model.


When you try on your new Minnetonkas for the first time, you may find that they fit a little tighter at the front than at the back. This is because, especially the boots, are stitched from one piece of suede. The more you wear the Minnetonkas, the material becomes more flexible and they stretch slightly. Please note, the suede only stretches in width, so they will not get longer! So they don’t get any bigger. When you are not wearing them, you can stuff the shoes with socks, which will loosen the suede. Or put on 2 pairs of socks. Another way is to have the Minnetonkas stretched at the cobbler.

Rear end

The back is slightly looser than the front. As a result, the heel can, as it were, fold over when walking, which is annoying. This problem mainly occurs with high (lace-up) boots. A solution to this is to tie the laces very tightly. The tighter the laces are, the less they will sag and the fewer folds there will be at the back where you walk. This also prevents these folds from tearing due to wear and tear. You will notice that the Minnetonkas are a lot more comfortable.

To buy

If you decide to buy the shoes, always ask for the box. Not only is it easy if you want to exchange them, but it’s also easy if there is something wrong with them so you can go back. Ask the seller how you can best maintain the Minneton greenhouse. A tip is to buy a can of shoe spray so that the boots can better withstand moisture and dirt. And always keep the receipt!


When you put on the Minnetonkas for the first time, spray them well with water-repellent spray. Although the spray repels moisture, it is important that the suede shoe does not get wet. So avoid any form of water and don’t wear your sturdy boots, especially the light colors, when it’s pouring rain outside! This makes the suede ugly and you get moisture rings in the material. You also have to be careful with fatty substances, such as oil or grease. You will never get this from your expensive Minneton fund again. With other dirt, a suede block or rough brush can offer a solution. And if you’re really a greaser, you’d better opt for the black Minnetonkas.

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