Make a statement with accessories

Everyone knows that large, striking and colored jewelry and accessories can brighten up your outfit, but are difficult to combine. For example, a leopard print or a bright color cannot go together. Would you like to spice up your outfit with some accessories? With these golden tips you can create trendy outfits with all kinds of accessories. The solution is that it is best to make one or two statement pieces stand out in your outfit. Keep the rest of your look neutral and you can easily combine the trendy accessories of every season.

Prints and colours


Statement necklace / Source: Estall, Pixabay

A checked cap makes you stand out from the gray crowd. Especially if it is a colored checked cap. For the rest, keep your outfit simple. A white T-shirt and jeans look great with a checked cap. If you have a colored checked cap, you can use one of the colors in your belt, for example. Remember that one or two pieces can be striking to make your look look successful.

Leopard or zebra print

Leopard or zebra print pants or skirt can quickly look tacky. Especially if you combine these types of prints with candy pink garments. However, a scarf or thin belt in leopard or zebra print can look chic if you combine it with black pants and a black sweater.

Bright colors

A bag in a bright color gives your daily outfit that little bit extra. For the rest, don’t add a lot of flashy accessories. The bag speaks for itself. It is also nice to combine a colored waist belt over a black or gray cardigan.

Floral prints

You can wear floral prints in a scarf when spring is just starting to arrive. You can wear warm clothes, but you can make your clothes sunnier by wearing a floral scarf. It is also nice to put a fake flower in your hair when it is summer. If you put your hair in a messy ponytail, a flower looks beautiful and it looks like you just walked off a tropical beach.



Whether you buy a bracelet with real crystals or one with rhinestones does not really matter. As long as you don’t clutter yourself with all kinds of shiny jewelry. It’s nice to wear a little black dress at a party with a ring that stands out or a bracelet, but keep the rest simple.

Gold and silver

It is very beautiful to wear gold and silver together if you do it the right way. Silver earrings with a gold chain is not an example of this. Try mixing silver and gold jewelry that has the same style. For example, wear several thin chains in gold and silver. Or wear the same type of bangles in silver and gold on one hand.

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