Why should you buy a cardigan?

Cardigans are very versatile. The cardigans are available in all kinds of colors, long, short, with nice buttons or prints. You don’t walk into a store where they don’t sell a cardigan, because you can wear a cardigan during any season. In winter, the cardigan is nice and warm over several layers of clothing. While in the summer you can use the cardigan as a jacket during chilly evenings. Are you not convinced yet? Here are seven reasons why the cardigan is an indispensable piece of clothing. After this you will definitely buy a cardigan!

Seven reasons why you should have a cardigan

A cardigan is a cardigan with long sleeves that is made of a light woolen material. However, the cardigan can also be made of a thicker woolen fabric, but the light fabric is more common. The cardigan has buttons on the front and can therefore be worn as a cardigan or you can button the cardigan closed. Don’t have a cardigan yet? Here are seven reasons why you should buy a cardigan as soon as possible.

1. They bring color to any outfit

Buy a cardigan in a bright color. To brighten up your basic outfit. A simple black tank top looks great with a colorful cardigan, jeans and some jewelry.

2. For formal occasions or to school

Cardigans are very handy to put on quickly when you have to go to school. But you can also easily wear your cardigan if you have an office job, have to go to a job interview or to a dinner with your friend’s chic parents.

3. You are prepared for any weather

A cardigan fits easily in your bag to protect you from cold weather outside or even the air conditioner. This way you will be warm and you will look nice!

4. You can also wear your summer tank tops in the fall

You can even wear all those beautiful summer tops with a simple cardigan until November.

5. The answer to the question ‘What should I wear?’

You can’t go wrong with a cardigan. You wear it over a simple top and you look good for any occasion. Even if you’ve worn the cardigan a hundred times. A cardigan looks great over a T-shirt and jeans. This way you look casual, but your outfit has still been carefully considered.

6. A cardigan looks nice over a dress or skirt

A cardigan looks especially nice over printed dresses. This way it looks less busy and you don’t look overdressed. You can also combine the cardigan with a skirt. You will then look casual and chic at the same time.

7. You are no longer overdressed or underdressed

Cardigans are so great because they are so light. If you think you are too overdressed or underdressed, you can easily wear a cardigan to look casual or take off the cardigan to look chic.

Long and short cardigans

Short cardigans have been in fashion for a lot longer. These are also called classic cardigans. We will see a lot of longer cardigans this autumn/winter. We also sometimes see longer cardigans without buttons and with a slanted model. You can combine the long cardigans in the same ways as the short cardigans.

Fashion tip

It is very nice with the long cardigans that run diagonally to wear a tank top underneath and leave the cardigan open. To make the cardigan fitted, you can wear a belt over the cardigan.

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