Power Wrap for a slim and muscular body

Power Plate undoubtedly sounds familiar to you. But do you also know Power Wrap? Power Wrap is a body wrap that you combine with the Power Plate. The vibrating device remains the basis, but to achieve faster results, you will be rubbed with gel and wrapped in damp cloths whose active substances penetrate deep into the skin. With Power Wrap you can lose weight, reduce cellulite, detoxify or firm the skin.

Cellulite, obesity, sagging skin, acidification

With Power Wrap you can achieve four different objectives:

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Combat obesity
  • Prevent and reverse skin sagging (lax connective tissue).
  • Neutralize acidification of the body (detox)

Before you start using Power Wrap, you must choose which problem you want to address. So you have to choose between cellulite, obesity, sagging skin and acidification.


At the start of each session, your skin is rubbed with the Power Wrap gel. Elastic cloths are wrapped around this, which have been soaked in a special lotion and a plastic foil so that the ingredients of the Power Wrap gel can penetrate the skin better thanks to the heat.
Once you have completed the workout, you need to train on the Power Plate for 15 minutes. Thanks to this training, the products have even more effect. While the three-dimensional vibrating plate transmits vibrations to your body, you must perform various exercises such as knee bends and sit-ups under the supervision of the specialist.
After the exercises, your body is again rubbed with gel. Then you can go home. In total, the session lasted about 45 minutes, of which you actually spent 15 minutes on the Power Plate.

Number of sessions

How many sessions you need depends on the problem you want to tackle and the progress of this problem. Count on at least ten sessions at a rate of two to three times a week.


One Power Wrap treatment is equivalent to 90 minutes of fitness training, 60 minutes of lymphatic drainage and 30 minutes of cellulite massage. The main results are improved circulation, activated lymphatic drainage, loosened adhesions and loosened clumped cells.


One Power Wrap treatment costs approximately 45 euros.


  • Eat healthy.
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water per day.
  • Take a CLA supplement during the duration of treatment (CLA ensures that fat tissue is more easily converted into muscle).
  • Also use the Power Wrap products at home.
  • Alternate Power Wrap treatments with regular training on the Power Plate.
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