Beauty: go into the summer with flawless skin

Although the weather is bad, we all want smooth skin in the summer. No need to get rid of pimples, unwanted hair, etc. Some tips to get that cool skin as quickly as possible.

Get rid of pimples

With a nice thong it is no problem if there are pimples on your buttocks. Fortunately, these are not the acne pimples of youth, but are caused by friction and perspiration.

Plan of approach

Clean the pimples daily with some facial cleanser on a cotton pad or buy ready-made cotton pads with cleanser for impure skin. They will be gone within a few days.
To prevent this in the future, it is good to look at what kind of underwear you wear. Cotton on the skin is better than synthetic materials and with a thong, trousers that are too tight are not ideal either.

Hair gone

There are plenty of methods to remove these hairs for the bikini line, face or legs. But sometimes there are hairs in even more annoying places. Such as on or around the nipple. Especially if they are black in color, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Plan of approach

Tweezers can provide a solution for a single hair. The skin may be irritated for a while afterwards, but it goes away quickly. If you have more hair, it is advisable to use the flash lamp (IPL) by a professional. The hairs are then permanently gone.
Ingrown hairs are more difficult in that area, you do not scrub easily in that area. The plant-based brand Yves Rocher has a cream especially for this.
If you really have a lot of hair, consult your doctor.

Get rid of ugly nails

We can never use lime or fungal nails that disfigure the toe, but certainly not with an open shoe or on the beach.

Plan of approach

In case of fungal nails, cut the nail straight and short and apply an antifungal product. This will take some time, the mold is persistent, but should be gone after about 1 month. The fungal nail is difficult to remove yourself and what is important is how it was caused (medications, age, etc.). Consult your pedicurist for maintaining fungal nails.
For the future, see where you may have contracted it. Swimming pools, gyms and saunas are sources of bacteria. Always have your own clean slippers and wear them all the time.

Get rid of dead skin cells

You can remove the dead skin cells on the skin with regular scrubbing. Dead skin cells on the head are also not serious and are part of the normal process. However, if this process happens too quickly, it becomes problematic. There may be several reasons why you suffer from dandruff. It could be a fungus, but stress or hormonal changes are reasons why you are now suffering from this.

Plan of approach

The well-known anti-dandruff shampoos are great to use. Start with washing every day and reduce it. Once you see it starting to diminish, slowly combine it with your regular shampoo.
You must get rid of your dandruff within six weeks, otherwise consult your doctor.

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