Partner choice: the first impression

“You need to make a good first impression” is advice given to many dating people. Because the first impression is indelible, and that’s why it’s important to make a good first impression, right…?! Many people are therefore very nervous before a first meeting with a potential partner. Too bad, because that is precisely why you often make an uncertain and strange first impression. Be yourself and everything will be fine. Or not…? Research has shown that it is not the appearance , but the personality that people later say they were attracted to in the first place. Even people with an extremely attractive partner mainly emphasize character traits when asked what it is that makes the partner so desirable.

Leave a good first impression

How do you leave a good first impression ? Do not enter a room with a grin from ear to ear, as it will be difficult to have a conversation with the same grin, which will make your smile a stark contrast to that first broad grin, giving your conversation partner the idea that you are talking to him or her. doesn’t like her. It is therefore best to come in with a facial expression that is about to smile, with which you can express your affection.
The most important thing is that your nonverbal expressions match what you say and do not exaggerate gestures and postures.

The second impression

The second impression is actually a kind of extension of the first impression. The first impression is mainly non-verbal, you only get a real impression of someone when you start a conversation with someone. Techniques to leave a good second impression include:

  • A firm, confident handshake
  • A friendly, recognizing look
  • Smooth, controlled body movements
  • A pleasant voice
  • Good communicative skills
  • Listening skills
  • Exude friendliness

The vast majority of the techniques from the above list can be learned by practicing a lot with the help of a large mirror and friends.
With the help of a video camera you can record your non-verbal behavior, facial expressions and voice use and review it critically.

Clothes make the man

Everyone judges each other by the way we present ourselves. Your clothes reflect a lot, including your background, personality and socio-economic status. Many people seem to prefer neat, decent clothing on a first meeting, both for themselves and for the other person, but with a playful accent .

Dress for sex

Of course, you can also go into a date with the idea or wish that the meeting will result in sex. There is nothing wrong with this, although many men consider a woman who dresses sexy but does not respond to sexual innuendos as a fake seductress with whom they no longer want to have anything to do. Make sure you dress according to what you want to radiate and what your intentions are.

The extremely attractive partner

If you want to attract a very attractive man or woman, there are a number of points you should take into account:

  1. You have to take the initiative. The handsome partner rarely goes looking, because interested parties will approach him anyway, even if he is sitting alone on the bar stool.
  2. Treat the beautiful partner as you would treat anyone else
  3. When meeting, make sure that the handsome partner finds out what your knowledge and specialties are, without bragging


Getting to know the family

It is not only very important to make a good first impression on the potential partner, the first impression with the family is also very important. Many people only really go for a relationship when the family has approved the potential partner. Therefore, greet the family as soon as you enter, be polite , dress neatly and remember and apply the rules for making a good first impression on the potential partner. Listen more than you talk and be on time.

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