Beauty: hair removal

Especially in women, too much hair is not beautiful, at least that is the image people now have of women. Call it a fashion image and it has been different at times. In addition, hygiene can play a role, but hair also originally has a function. Anyway, if you have decided that it has to go, what are the options.

What methods are there?

When we talk about temporary hair removal, you can get started with:

  • shaving, electric or with razor blade
  • resins, ready-made strips or wax to be heated
  • epilation, manual or electric
  • cream

There are no guarantees about how long the hair will last. For example, in legs that have been treated with resin, the hairs may only become visible again after 6 weeks, while others may have it after 3 weeks, and in other periods this may also be the other way around. This has to do with several things, but mainly with the different growth phases of the hair.


Shaving is relatively easy and painless. The disadvantage of shaving is that the hairs grow back quickly. In addition, there is a possibility that the skin will become irritated and/or hairs may grow in it. To prevent ingrown hairs, it is advisable to exfoliate very regularly. This is also good for the skin (removes dead skin cells) and stimulates blood circulation. If you shave with blades, rub the skin with a soft shaving foam or shaving oil, which creates a protective layer between the blade and the skin.


Waxing is especially useful for keeping hairs away longer. It’s different for everyone, but on average hair stays away for about 4 weeks. There are ready-made strips in different sizes (large rectangular strips for the legs and very small strips for the face). Warming wax and applying it to the area where hair needs to be removed is also a method. If the warm wax is in the right place, a rag (special rags are available for purchase) must be placed on the wax, press down and remove in one go against the direction of growth. The latter is used more by professionals than at home.


Tweezers are fine for a few hairs. It may cause red skin for a while at the time of epilation, but afterwards the skin looks beautiful for a long time. It is not completely painless, but varies from person to person.
Electric epilation is an excellent solution, especially for the legs. The electric epilators are included in the range by all well-known brands and are of excellent quality. Some brands claim to work painlessly, but this is a myth.


Depilatory creams chemically “burn away” the hairs down to the edge of the skin. This temporary solution is painless, but not everyone can withstand the chemical process on the skin. So try it out on a small area of skin first, there are several brands that stock these products.
Permanent hair removal is also available, but it is painful, expensive and there is no guarantee that it will stay away one hundred percent. It is true that the hairs that are actually destroyed no longer grow, but 5 to 6 treatments are usually needed to tackle the entire area. The different institutes work with different equipment, namely:

  • Flashlight
  • Laser
  • Electric

Make sure you do your research carefully, as there are big price differences!

What kind of things is being taken away from her?

Some people remove everything, but the most common ones are listed below.


On the face, the eyebrows in particular are touched up and the hair on the upper lip is removed. For the hair on the upper lip, waxing is an excellent solution and eyebrows are most carefully trimmed with manual plucking. Only wax there if you are experienced, otherwise a lot can go wrong. Follow the natural line of the eyebrow as much as possible and never pluck at the top of the eyebrow.


Someone recently said: nothing is as feminine as armpit hair. There will probably be people who like it, because here too, exceptions confirm the rule. But armpit hair is generally removed by most women and if there is a medical reason that it is not allowed, it is kept as short as possible and bleached.
Waxing, electric epilation or shaving, it’s all possible. With waxing the skin must be kept taut and is difficult in this area. Perhaps asking for help (household or professional) is an option, otherwise choosing a different method.

Bikini line

Waxing is relatively painful, but together with shaving, these are the most commonly used methods for the bikini line. Remove everything, a line and triangle, it is very personal and less subject to fashion than, for example, the shape of eyebrows. Just updating it neatly, even just trimming, is almost a must.


For the lower legs, waxing, electric epilation or shaving (electric or manual) are all possible. One method keeps the hair away longer and is therefore useful for the holidays, for example, but all methods work fine.


After hair removal, the skin is usually more or less irritated and applying a soothing balm then feels very pleasant.
For the legs, a balm with a little shine in it also immediately gives the legs a subtle shine.
And once you have made the legs beautiful, don’t forget to remove any calluses from the feet, cut/file the nails and possibly give them a nice tan and put the foot in a nice foot bath. With an open shoe or flip-flop, the whole thing immediately looks a lot nicer.

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