Naturally beautiful with cucumber

Cucumber not only has a calming and healing effect, in combination with lemon juice it has a stimulating and astringent effect. That is why cucumber is often used in beauty products, especially for oily skin.


Cucumber water against sunburn

Due to its refreshing effect, cucumber is very suitable for soothing burned skin. The cucumber water soothes, heals and prevents itching. However, it can only be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

  • Peel and puree half a cucumber.
  • Use a thin muslin or linen cloth to squeeze out the juice.
  • Vigorously whisk two teaspoons of glycerol and one tablespoon of elderberry into the cucumber water.
  • Pour the mixture into a clean, dry bottle and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Apply the mixture liberally to the burned skin.



Cucumber cleansing

  • Mix 40ml soya oil with three tablespoons of oat flour into a thick paste.
  • Add one tablespoon of ground almonds and stir well.
  • Place the cleaning agent in a clean, dry container. This product has a shelf life of six months.
  • Before use, mix one teaspoon of the cleaning product with one teaspoon of cucumber juice, which you obtain by sifting a cucumber through a linen cloth.
  • Apply the mixture to the face and rinse with lukewarm water.


Facial lotion for skin with enlarged pores

  • Mix four tablespoons of cucumber juice, two tablespoons of hamamelis water and 150ml of elderberry water in a jar with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Shake the jar well and place it in a cool place.
  • Boil a few tablespoons of distilled water and dissolve half a teaspoon of borax in it.
  • Pour the liquid into the other mixture and close the jar again.
  • Store the lotion in a cool place.
  • Use the lotion in the morning and evening after cleansing the skin. The lotion can also be used as an after-shave.


Mask for oily skin

This mask has a strong astringent effect on the pores and is therefore only suitable for oily skin.

  • Peel half a cucumber.
  • Use a thin muslin or linen cloth to squeeze out the juice.
  • Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, one to two teaspoons of honey and possibly one teaspoon of hamamelis water.
  • Beat one egg white and stir it into the cucumber juice.
  • Apply the mixture to the face and leave on for at least fifteen minutes, or until the mask has dried.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.


Tired eyes

You can quickly and easily revive tired eyes with two tea bags and a small cucumber:

  • Soak the two tea bags in hot water.
  • Squeeze out the moisture and let them cool.
  • Puree the cucumber in a blender or finely grate it with a grater.
  • Place the cool, wet tea bags over your eyes and lie back.
  • After a few minutes, replace the tea bags with the cucumber mixture.
  • Leave on for ten minutes.
  • Rinse the mixture with lukewarm water and pat your eyes dry with a soft towel



Yogurt myrrh conditioner

You can cool an irritated and itchy scalp with this antifungal conditioner:

  • Mix half a cucumber, a small container of yogurt and one teaspoon of myrrh tincture in a blender.
  • Let the mixture steep for half an hour in the refrigerator.
  • Apply the mixture directly to the scalp.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.



Rough hands

You can soothe rough hands by crushing cucumber slices between your fingers and rubbing your hands with the released juice.


Cucumber-mint foot mask

This mask with yogurt, cucumber and mint oil is refreshing and relaxing:

  • Mix one small cucumber, two drops of mint essential oil, two tablespoons of fresh mint, one tablespoon of green clay and six tablespoons of yogurt in a blender. Manual mixing is also possible, but it will take a little longer.
  • Apply the mixture to the feet.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly and then rinse with cold water to further refresh the skin.

You must make the mixture fresh every time so that you get optimal results from the enzyme action of the cucumber.
Variation: Replace the mint with fresh lemon balm and lemon essential oil.

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