What is an oracle

According to the oldest documents, man has always been fascinated by what tomorrow will bring, because for centuries peoples from all corners of the world have asked the Gods, Goddesses and also the spirit of a deceased person for a clear answer. portray their future. But who or what is God?

The concept of oracle

The concept of an oracle is a Divine revelation and, like God, is untouchable and inexplicable. Long before written language developed, man appealed to the oracle to fathom the deeper secrets of his future.
The Latin word oraculum is derived from orare and translated it means to speak. For the Romans, an oraculum was a divine revelation that was only spoken through a priest or priestess in a temple.
Only later did other forms start to be referred to as oracles, such as the oracle of Dodona. This oracle spoke by moving the leaves of the sacred oak sacred to Zeus. Another oracle spoke through movements, which the image of the deity made during processions.
Over time, numerous forms of oracles have emerged that escape our perception and they are still consulted and used as a mirror of the truth.

God is a powerful universal energy

When we consult an oracle we address our soul, the unconscious side of man, because all our feelings, wishes and thoughts are interwoven with the universe so that these actions can unconsciously influence the course of things.
God is actually a powerful universal energy within the astral boundaries of man and the oracle refers to our inner self, which we call our soul or spirit. It is our soul’s job to divine all incoming and outgoing universal messages. An oracle shows the unconscious side of someone, but the information obtained can sometimes seem confusing, making it difficult to figure out what it means.

A divination is an oracular statement

Divine or divination : revealing hidden knowledge and is also sometimes called divination. The verb divination can hardly be found in any dictionary.
Divine : under certain circumstances and with certain means, performing actions to gain a clear insight into the past, present and future.

Learning to divine

Just as there are many different languages and dialects, the oracle can express itself in different ways. An oracle that has many followers is undoubtedly cartomancy, which means predicting with cards. But if you do not know the principles of the cards, you will not understand the symbols on the cards. To divine means to master the language that the oracle speaks.
Everyone has the ability to divine, provided they have a well-functioning intuition. There are divination methods that you can learn in five minutes, but some divination methods require years of study and training. Using one’s own intuition, it is a true art to be able to correctly interpret the shapes, signs or symbols that contain information.
There are an infinite number of systems for divination, of which cartomancy, the laying of the card, is one of the most important. Pendulum, runes, sticks, divining, peering into a glass ball and laying the card are the most well-known divination techniques.

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