The immensely popular rose

In fact, the rose has been popular for its beauty for centuries and its history dates back to China, but also to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The rose was used to make places more beautiful and to add more tenderness. But the rose also dates back to the sixteenth century in the Netherlands.

Popular or not?

Many flowers go through different phases from extremely popular to old-fashioned or frumpy. Although the rose is rarely seen as frumpy, the rose has gone through a period of being a little too sweet. This may have to do with people who want to express softness and tenderness in their appearance, their immediate environment or even in their website. The symbol for this is the rose and it could possibly have been a bit too much due to the large number of people. Since the hard colours, except for the deep red, have been brought more to the foreground, the rose has returned and looks just as beautiful in a romantic interior as in the sleek garden, living room or office.
When it comes to products where we bring back the rose, powder pink is still an immensely popular color. We also give the rose a stronger scent than it actually has, but strangely enough we all recognize the rose scent. While very few roses really have an emphatic scent.



Since the rose has returned to fashion, it can appear on everything again without creating a frumpy image. We even find the rose in clothing. Summer shirts with a large rose print, but also lovely small roses on a wide long white summer skirt made of cotton or linen.
The summer shoes where you see little pink or red roses on the instep are also funny. It makes the little sandal or ballerina a lot more colorful.


Many creams contain rose, or in fact a scent that refers to rose. The best known may well be the hand cream. Because rose has such a soft, slightly overpowering scent, it is ideal for a hand cream. A hand cream should not dominate and take precedence over, for example, a perfume. But there are also body lotions and shower gels with a soft rose scent.

Ambient odor

Ambient scents are very popular and the commercial sector incorporates them into a wide variety of solutions. This also applies to rose scents, of course.
To think about:

  • fragrance oil
  • fragrance sticks
  • scented stones
  • fragrance spray

If you do not choose a chemical solution, the fragrance oil is a concentrate of many rose petals. These are processed into an oil and can be dissolved in a bowl with water and a tea light underneath. As soon as it gets warm, a soft rose scent spreads through the room in question. Rose oil is also sometimes used on the feet or legs when massaging. The real rose oil is not cheap.
The fragrance sticks are for burning, just like real incense sticks. You put the smoldering stick in a special burner and let it smoke. The rose scent that is then released lingers in the room for a while.
You also have sticks that you put on a bottle with strong rose water. The sticks become saturated by the moisture and the scent is released through the sticks.
Fragrance stones are often graceful stones that are saturated in a rose bath and serve in a wardrobe or smaller space. You can revive the scent by providing the stones in question with this rose scent every now and then.
The spray is a bottle of usually a chemically created rose scent. You can actually use the spray for everything, from pillows to clothes (while ironing) or just anywhere in the room. The chemical composition is not always a success, try the scent first.


In short, the rose is back in color, scent and matter. Given the fact that there are so many rose varieties, there is a rose for everyone that can be described as attractive.

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