Slimming diet to lose weight responsibly

Losing weight – Slimming. Losing weight does not mean going hungry. It takes time, but a responsible weight-loss diet helps. Here you can find a diet.

If you want to lose weight, it is good to know how body combustion works

Your body consists largely of muscle and fat tissue, and is busy burning calories all day long. Even when you’re hanging in front of the TV, your body is busy burning calories. 1 kilo of muscle mass burns 0.9 calories per hour, fat, on the other hand, burns nothing. The more muscle mass the body has, the higher this burn will be, even if you are hanging in front of the TV. So in order to burn calories you will have to keep your muscles moving. Losing weight/slimming will therefore not really be effective without exercise.
There are so-called crash diets that, if we believe them, can provide great results in a very short time. However, experience shows that these diets are not the best way to lose weight. The kilos you have lost will be regained just as quickly (sometimes even faster). The yo-yo effect.
People keep looking for ways to lose a few pounds quickly, preferably immediately. However, losing weight/slimming is a process that requires a little more time and effort if it is to be effective and lasting. You can possibly support your weight loss process with products from plant-based homeopathy. Below are some tips that can help you speed up the process:

  • Tip 1: Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip this! It provides the necessary calories for that part of the day when you are normally most active. It forms the basis for the rest of the day.
  • Tip 2: Try not to eat 2 hours before you go to sleep.
  • Tip 3: It’s tempting: snack while watching TV. But disastrous for your weight! Try replacing cookies and other snacks with fruit throughout the day.
  • Tip 4: Try to replace sugar with honey more often or completely. Honey is quite tasty and certainly a better sweetener.
  • Tip 5: Vegetables are important. They contain vitamins and fiber necessary for good digestion. If necessary, purchase a cookbook and see what the extensive and versatile possibilities of vegetables are.
  • Tip 6: Try to avoid unnecessary calories and replace dressings with yogurt or olive oil, for example.
  • Tip 7: As indicated above, exercise is important. Losing weight without exercise is doomed to failure. Cycling, swimming, walking, it’s all about exercise. Therefore, try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Tip 8: Don’t set yourself unattainable goals, but be realistic. This is the only way to avoid disappointments.


Calorie requirement

There are tools you can use to determine your personal calorie needs. On you can make this calculation by entering your personal details. To lose weight responsibly with a lasting effect, reduce the calculated calorie requirement by 400 kcal. Please note: consuming less than 1000 Kcal is harmful to your health.
Below is an example diet of approximately 2000 Kcal, which meets the requirements of the Wheel of Five, while maintaining the normal amount of protein spread over 6 meals. You can easily adjust this diet yourself because the calories are listed per line (in brackets). So you can decide for yourself where you can reduce or increase the number of calories if necessary. Reduce or increase, but don’t eliminate things completely. You can also change things if there are things on it that you really don’t like. you can find replacement products that contain similar amounts of calories. With the BMI meter you can calculate what the ideal weight is for you.

Example Diet


  • 1 (glass) orange (juice) (60)
  • 2 slices of brown bread with margarine (140)
  • Thinly spread with margarine (45)
  • Topping: Cheese 40+ (50)
  • Jam (35)
  • Tea with sugar (20)
  • ¼ liter skimmed milk or milk products (75)



  • 2 cups of coffee with milk (60)
  • And sugar (40)



  • 3 slices of brown bread (210)
  • Thinly spread with margarine (65)
  • Topping: Cheese 40+ (60)
  • Meat products not fatty (40)
  • Sprinkles (35)
  • Tomato (15)
  • ]¼ ltr skimmed milk or buttermilk (75)



  • Tea with sugar (20)
  • 1 fruit (40)


Hot meal

  • Large portion of vegetables without sauce (70)
  • Potatoes 200 gr (170)
  • Lean meat 100 gr (110)
  • Gravy (150)
  • Yogurt (lean) 250 ml (75)


In the evening (at least 2 hours before bedtime)

  • 2 cups of coffee with milk(60)
  • And sugar (40)
  • Or other drink
  • 1 slice of brown bread (70)
  • Thinly spread with margarine (25)
  • Toppings: lean meat (20)
  • 1 fruit (100)

All together, this diet contains 1975 Kcal and if you look at the list you can see that it is quite a lot of what you can and should eat.

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