What causes stress?

What is stress and where does it come from? The causes of stress are sometimes difficult to combat, because not everyone knows where to look. What are the consequences of persistent stress? How do you prevent your body or mind from succumbing to stress? Can the complaints of stress in your body be reduced?

Where does stress start?

Stress is influenced from outside. You have a feeling of tension in your body. This can cause not only physical problems, but also psychological problems. A little tension is not bad for your body. It’s only going to cause a problem if it goes on too long. This can cause an overload on your nervous system. And once your nervous system is overloaded, your body receives a signal that it is all becoming too much.

The causes of stress

There are many causes that can cause stress. We live in a world where time is becoming an increasingly important role. Where there is time you see a (time) pressure arise, and this causes a lot of stress. In this society we run back and forth more and more. Everything has to be fast and even faster. Expectations are instilled early on. From childhood you are expected to do well in school. Later you have to deliver perfect work to your employer. You have to be the best in sports activities and there are many other reasons why stress reaches a peak. Work and relationships generally produce the most stress symptoms. You often see the following stress symptoms in the work or relationship environment:

Causes of stress in relationships:

  • Sexual problems
  • Financial problems
  • Relationship or marital problems
  • Worry about the children
  • An illness or death in the family or among friends


Causes of stress at work:

  • High workload
  • Staying unemployed for too long
  • Position with too much responsibility
  • Creating too many expectations for yourself
  • Little support
  • Bankruptcy


What are the symptoms of stress?

What you often see is that your body produces certain symptoms when stressed, such as muscle pain or headaches. Long-term stress makes your entire body tense. Your muscles will remain tense for too long and will have less time to recover. Acidification will then occur and painful complaints will arise, such as in the neck, shoulders and back. The main symptoms of stress can be found in physical and psychological complaints.

Physical symptoms of stress include:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Problems sleeping
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Decreased appetite
  • Palpitations
  • Excessive sweating
  • Intestinal complaints
  • Reduced resistance


Psychological symptoms of stress include:

  • Feeling guilty
  • Feeling lifeless
  • To be unsure
  • Little or no self-confidence
  • Unrest in your body
  • Being forgetful
  • Many concentration problems
  • Having fears


How do you reduce and prevent stress?

The most important thing to reduce stress is relaxation. It is important that you relax both mentally and physically. Live your life and try to enjoy every moment. It is difficult to relax at the right time. Relaxation is something very personal, it varies enormously from person to person. One person finds relaxation in a night out and the other in a good book.

Tips to gain more relaxation in your life

  • Good breathing technique ensures that you get more oxygen into your body, which makes you calmer.
  • Try to find a hobby that you can invest some time in
  • Enjoy the outdoors. Go outside every day
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Exercise more and exercise, this will give you more energy
  • Always talk out your problems and don’t dwell on them
  • Make sure you have enough vitamin B in your body, this is a good substance for your nervous system
  • Ensure a good balance between private and work


How much stress am I under?

It is difficult to determine how much stress someone is under. It varies from person to person and can be triggered by all kinds of symptoms. Would you like an indication of your stress level? Then do a stress test.

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