Taking care of your hair

Just like with the skin, taking care of your hair is also important. How can you best care for your hair?

Hair care

The condition of your hair, just like that of your skin, is determined by your inner health. Ensure healthy locks through healthy nutrition and good hair care. First determine your hair type and then adjust the care accordingly.

Normal hair

Normal hair is mostly a matter of luck. If you are said to have this hair type, take good care of it. Normal hair care is sufficient and daily use of a multivitamin preparation will keep your hair healthy. Avoid harsh hair care products, sun exposure and hot hair styling tools.

Greasy hair

Oily hair is usually a result of a hormonal imbalance, a poor diet, stress and aggressive hair care products. Oily hair is characterized by an oily scalp and dead ends. This is due to the overactive oil glands that produce too much sebum (natural fats for the hair).

Dry hair

Dry hair is the result of several factors such as poor diet, chemical treatments (dyeing and perms), sun exposure and use of hot hair styling appliances. Dry hair lacks sebum, making it rough, brittle and very vulnerable.


When choosing care products, take your hair structure and styling needs into account. The bristles of natural hair brushes, which damage the hair the least, are too soft for thick hair. A combination of natural and synthetic hair is much more effective on thicker hair. For curly hair, closely spaced bristles provide optimal care. When styling, a flat brush is best for normal use or to smooth and detangle hair. A round brush gives more volume and curls or straightens the strands when blow-drying.

To wash

Find a shampoo that meets your needs, taking into account the condition and structure of the hair. The safest is a shampoo with a balanced pH value or a mild composition. These are effective shampoos. Hair should be washed every three days. When washing too often, especially with aggressive shampoos, the oil glands on the scalp produce an overproduction to compensate for the loss of natural fats. This is also the most common cause of oily hair.


Just like creams for the skin, conditioners are important for the hair. After washing, the hair is negatively charged and many hair cuticles stand up, causing damage more quickly. Conditioners contain positively charged substances that combine with the negative charge of the clean hair.

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