Exercise and relax for low back pain

It was once thought that getting plenty of rest was the best way to get rid of lower back pain. However, research has shown that this is not the case. Doctors now recommend exercising. Although the pain may initially become more severe than when lying in bed, it is still the only correct way to resolve the complaints. Therefore, make a plan to exercise daily, which is set up carefully but then expanded. Choose fun things and try to avoid stress in daily life. A positive attitude that leads to more relaxation can also positively influence the recovery process.

Continue daily activities for low back pain

People who suffer from lower back problems are often inclined to do nothing because of the pain. However, scientific research has shown that this actually makes the back stiff and the muscles weaker. The condition also deteriorates. Good advice is therefore to continue daily activities as much as possible despite the pain.

Avoiding the same position for long periods of time

Many doctors also advise not to stay home from work but to maintain normal activities as much as possible or to resume them as quickly as possible. Agreements may need to be made with the employer for certain activities in order not to worsen back problems. For example, make agreements that require regular changes of position. Holding the same position for long periods of time should be avoided as much as possible.

Make an exercise plan

Despite the pain, it is best to keep moving because nothing is damaged in low back pain. Taking leisurely walks and bike rides or swimming activities are good forms of exercise. For example, choose an activity such as cycling and make a plan to go for a ride every day. Increase the number of kilometers per day. Through a slow build-up, the pain will be sustainable and the end goal will be achieved. The worst low back pain usually disappears within one to two weeks and even persistent pain within six to twelve weeks. Once these movements have an effect, they can be expanded.

In addition to exercise, a positive attitude can help

Because it has been proven in practice that lower back pain usually disappears without the use of medication and only with sufficient exercise, it is good to maintain that prospect. A positive attitude will promote the improvement process. It is also good not to listen to all kinds of stories from people who also know the complaints. Worrying about the pain can delay recovery. Trust what your doctor has to say and follow the advice.

Stress and complaints

It is also known that stress can increase complaints. A number of people actually suffer from lower back problems when they live under stress. If this is the case, efforts should certainly be made to identify the causes of the stress and avoid it as much as possible. In many cases, solutions can be found without help. If the complaints are a result of the work or the work situation, help can be sought from the company doctor.

Relax and do fun things for back problems

But in any case, you can try to spend more time on fun things, such as regular nature walks and visiting a musical or other theater performance. Pursuing a fun hobby should certainly not be a low priority within the weekly activities. In addition to relaxation through movement, mental relaxation is also very important in the recovery process.

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