Foot bath with mustard, rosemary tea, massage oil with herbs

Foot bath with mustard: In folk medicine, mustard seeds are traditionally used in warm foot baths against bronchitis and colds. Eucalyptus oil has also been added to this recipe. Rosemary tea: This tea is ideal for tired and overworked people. Rosemary is not only a mild anti-depressant, it also stimulates blood circulation in the brain. Massage oil with mandarin and herbs: Good massage oil against stress and reduces anxiety.


  • Foot bath with mustard
  • Rosemary tea
  • Massage oil with mandarin and herbs


Foot bath with mustard


  • A piece of muslin measuring approximately 30 x 30 cm
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons white mustard seeds
  • 1 tablespoon mustard powder
  • A string
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • A bowl


Preparation method

Mustard powder is available at pharmacies. The foot bath must be hot to be effective. Duration of the bath: 10 minutes.

  • Cut a square of muslin and place the mustard seeds in the middle.
  • Spoon the mustard powder onto the seeds.
  • Gather the corners of the cloth and tie them with a double piece of string.
  • Place the muslin bag in a bowl and add boiling water. Let the water cool until your feet can tolerate the temperature. Then add three drops of eucalyptus oil and bathe your feet.


Rosemary tea


  • 75 g fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Honey
  • A heat-resistant measuring glass
  • Sieve


Preparation method

Rosemary gives off a subtle, strengthening herbal aroma, making it a quick and natural boost. The honey combines excellently with the typical scent of rosemary and makes the tea a little sweeter.

  1. Wash the rosemary, cut the sprigs into short pieces and put them in the measuring glass. Add 50 cl of boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes.
  2. Pour the tea through a sieve into a large tea glass and reserve the rest.
  3. Add honey to taste, stir and drink the tea while it is still warm. Warm up the remainder and use it as indicated above.


Massage oil with mandarin and herbs


  • 1 tangerine
  • Geranium leaves
  • Geranium essence
  • Almond oil
  • A bottle with a cork.


Preparation method

If you are not sure how large the bottle is, first fill it with water to determine how much can fit in it. You must maintain the correct ratio between the geranium essence and the almond oil.

  1. Peel the mandarin very thinly, there should not be a piece of white on the peel. Cut the peel into thin strips and put them in the bottle.
  2. Only use geranium leaves that are small enough to pass through the neck of the bottle undamaged. Wash and dry them before putting them in the bottle.
  3. Add the geranium essence. Assume 25 drops per 60 ml almond oil.
  4. Pour in the almond oil, put the cork on the bottle and shake well so that all the ingredients mix well.


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