Makeup: beautiful lips

Everyone wants to have beautiful lips. Anyone can get that. But how do you get beautiful lips with makeup?

Lip pencil

A lip pencil accentuates the shape of the lips. Don’t be too cheap and invest in a pencil that matches the color of your lips and use it with every shade of lipstick. It can be difficult to get a perfect lip line. It is best to apply the lip liner in a series of feather-like strokes around the outer edge of the lips and then blend these strokes with your fingertips or a lip brush. Accentuate and color the entire lips with the pencil. This will prevent you from having an ugly line around your lips when the lipstick has faded. Lip pencil also ensures that lipstick lasts longer.

Lip gloss

Lipgoss is available clear or tinted and is perfect for accentuating your lips or enhancing the natural color of your lips. Due to its composition, it tends to come off a few hours after application. Prevent this by dabbing the gloss in the center of the upper and lower lips and pressing the lips together. This creates the idea of total shine.


Your lipstick doesn’t have to match your clothes or nail polish. For a modern approach, consider skin tone and your makeup as a whole. Shades with a brown undertone are suitable for almost everyone. Lipstick is available in all kinds of textures, ranging from matte and creamy to transparent shades. Experiment and keep in mind that a matte lipstick lasts longer, but dries out the lips. Creamy formulations are long-lasting and give lip tints a natural look and extra shine.


You have to decide how you apply your lipstick. Experiment with brushes and your fingertips and decide what you like best. After application, pat the lips with a tissue and then reapply the lipstick so that it lasts long. Repeat this several times and apply the lowest layer. After application, you can place a tissue on your lips, dust them with some powder and then remove the tissue.

A perfect mouth in 4 steps

  1. Apply foundation to the lips.
  2. Use a lip pencil in a color that matches the natural color of your lips. Draw a line along the lip edges and color the lips.
  3. Apply the lipstick with a brush. After application, pinch lips together. Pat the lips with a tissue and then reapply the lipstick.
  4. Dab a little lip gloss in the center of the lower lip.
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