Exercise to get slim

Exercise is very important for health. But also to become slim and feel good. Which sports are very effective?


Swimming is a good way to keep your body in top shape. The backstroke strengthens the chest muscles, strengthens the legs and upper arms and burns 500-800 calories (2100-3360 KJ) per hour. The front crawl improves body shape and benefits the cardiovascular system. The breaststroke improves the upper arms and inner thighs (don’t do this if you are pregnant as it puts strain on the bottom of the spine). Try swimming for 20 minutes three times a week and alternate swimming styles.


In addition to physical/mental benefits, yoga promotes the flexibility and flexibility of the body. Various postures stretch and strengthen the muscles and ligaments, stimulate blood circulation and massage the internal organs. It’s a fantastic way to relax. Yoga is also a way to manage stress.

To jog

Jogging and running are excellent for promoting circulation. Moreover, this also keeps your legs and thighs firm and flexible. Try jogging in the woods or in the park for too much strain on the joints.


Cycling promotes coordination and muscle strength and is a good way to get your lower body in shape. Cycling for 15 minutes at a moderate pace can burn 105 to 225 calories (440-495KJ). Try to avoid places with a lot of air pollution, traffic congestion or pedestrian traffic, or with traffic lights where you have to stop all the time.


Dancing improves fitness. Dancing strengthens muscles, promotes strength and posture, while high-energy movements stimulate blood flow, pump the heart faster and burn calories.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope is ideal for strengthening your thighs, calves and buttocks. It increases your endurance and strengthens the back and shoulder joints. Try to jump for 5-1 minutes every day.


Tennis strengthens the lower body and shoulders and improves the cardiovascular system. Playing tennis for 15 minutes can burn 90-120 calories (380-500 KJ).

Power walking

A brisk walk is one of the most energetic forms of exercise. With 15 minutes of brisk walking you can burn 75 calories (315 KJ). Walk with a straight back, pulled in stomach and tight buttocks. As you walk, swing your arms, rock your hips, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a Chinese martial and defense sport, it is a gentle way to get your body into shape in a gentle way. Tai Chi is based on a series of slow, rhythmic postures that energize you through balance, control and breathing. Tai Chi works well for stress, high blood pressure and heart complaints and benefits mental and physical alertness.

Water aerobics

In the water your body weighs 90% less, and this workout is 12 times more effective because the exercise is in the water. Exercises in the water shape and strengthen your muscles much faster than exercises outside the pool. You can take aqua aerobics lessons or simply do the exercises in the sea or the pool.

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