What to do about dry skin?

Having dry skin is not nice. You would like to get rid of that. But how do you get rid of dry skin?

Dry skin

As you get older, cell renewal slows down. The dead skin cells are replaced less often, so they remain on the skin longer. The skin barrier also weakens. This results in a drier skin feeling and a duller complexion. And because the female hormone estrogen also decreases over the years, this effect is further enhanced.

Nice rub

If skin doctors are to be believed, tackling dry skin is one of the easiest problems. Even with cosmetics a lot can be done. To revive your radiant complexion, you can peel your skin with fruit acids and a powerful moisturizing cream. The right fatty creams ensure that the skin barrier is extra protected.

The beautician

The beautician has wonderful treatments that will give both your dry skin and your mind a boost. The treatments consist of acidic, moisturizing masks with serum and oils. She can also give the skin a light stimulus with a fruit acid peeling.
Light treatments, from IPL to LED, can also stimulate cell functions. They are only supportive treatments and can be relatively expensive.

The dermatologist

The GP can apply mesotherapy. This involves inserting a liquid cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids into the skin using small needles. They can stimulate cell functions. In addition, the injections cause small wounds, which encourage the skin to produce extra collagen. If your skin quickly forms a scar, Mesotherapy is not recommended.

Mesotherapy with or without needles

Nowadays, mesotherapy is also applied with electricity instead of needles. The electrical impulses ensure that the skin barrier opens, where the strengthening cocktail can penetrate more easily.

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