Pigment spots, what can be done about them?

In the past, people did not consider pigment spots to be a problem. But now a lot of people want to get rid of their pigment spots. But how do you get rid of your pigment spots?

Active substances

This substance is extracted from berries and is a derivative of hydroquinone, a substance that is banned in Europe because it can cause skin abnormalities. Arbutin blocks the enzyme tyrosinase that is involved in the production of melanin (the pigment that turns the skin brown). There is sufficient evidence that it is effective against pigment spots, but there is still uncertainty about the dosage.
It is known as a complexion brightener and can also make pigment spots less visible to a small extent. Just like arbutin, it prevents enzymes from starting melanin production.
Licorice extraction
This blocks the enzyme tyrosinase. It is increasingly used in cosmetics. It is not certain whether licorice extraction helps.
Vitamin C
also inhibits the enzyme m tyrosinase and also has a collagen-stimulating effect.


A UV filter on the skin anytime and anywhere. Do not wear perfume in the sun, because certain substances also cause pigment spots. Be careful with certain antibiotics that increase the risk of pigment spots under the influence of UV radiation.

The beautician

The beautician can try to lighten the pigment spots slightly with mild peeling. She can also use IPL. You do need many treatments for a good result.

The dermatologist

Your GP can prescribe a cream based on hydroquione. This is still the most effective way to remove pigment spots. But think carefully, the drug is banned in many countries. It can cause dark, bluish spots on the skin and there are indications that it is carcinogenic.
Vitamin A acid cream
The doctor can prescribe a cream based on vitamin A acid. It has been clinically proven that it has an effect on cell renewal of the skin. This means that all facets of skin aging can be reduced.
Laser treatment
Laser treatment is promising with the Q-switched Ruby type or the Nd:YAG laser, which is able to disintegrate pigment. This type is also used to remove tattoos. The Fraxel laser, a device that can treat larger surfaces, leaving the tiny piece of skin untouched. This ensures that the skin heals faster from the wound formation.

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