9 months of pregnancy

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is something very beautiful. What is a 9 month pregnancy like? What are the common changes in pregnancy for both mother and baby? And what kind of inconveniences can you expect and is there anything that can be done about them?

The first 3 months of your pregnancy

The first 3 months of your pregnancy are very exciting. It is an uncertain period, because anything can go wrong and everything is very fragile. 10% of all women can have a miscarriage during this period. This is not because you are not careful with all kinds of things, such as lifting incorrectly, but simply because the fruit has not developed properly. Still, it remains sad, whatever the reason. Only after 3 months is there much more certainty that the pregnancy will be successful. Many people also wait for this reason before telling family and friends.

Most important changes in the uterus in the first 3 months

  • 1st month: it is still very small, but already has a heart and a circulatory system.
  • 2nd month: Arms and legs develop.
  • 3rd month: Organs start to form.


Most important changes in the mother in the first 3 months

  • Uterus is growing, bladder is under pressure, so you go to the toilet more often.
  • The hormone level will rise considerably, resulting in ‘mood swings’
  • Buy a good supportive bra as the breasts will increase in size.
  • Blood loss may occur during this period, always consult your doctor.
  • Other discomforts during this period are: fatigue, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, heartburn and varicose veins.


The second quarter of pregnancy

The nausea will disappear at the beginning of this period. This is the period when you can enjoy your pregnancy more. The news can be told to everyone, since the belly will slowly become more visible in these 4 to 6 months. The first feeling in the stomach is present and the clothes become too tight.

Most important changes in the baby in the 4th to 6th month

  • 4th month: The face will now be completely in the right shape.
  • 5th month: The baby starts to move more and he/she is already getting a lot fatter.
  • 6th month: The bones become stronger and the baby is now viable.


Most important tips and changes for the mother

  • This is a good time to inform your employer about your pregnancy.
  • Keep moving, but not too much. This is good for, among other things, the blood circulation.
  • Start looking for maternity clothes.
  • Need childcare? Go arrange it now. There are often enormous waiting lists.
  • The discomforts of this period are: varicose veins, hard bellies, heartburn and a lot of itching.


The last months of pregnancy

The last mile is the longest. Literal! The belly is very welcome, but at the same time it also gets in the way. Sleeping is more difficult and exercise in general is no fun. And it all goes together with decorating your baby room.

Most important changes in the baby in months 7 to 9

  • 7th month: The baby is slowly descending, but is not yet ready for birth.
  • 8th month: The lungs start to function independently.
  • 9th month: The baby can already see more. The difference between light and dark is visible.


The discomforts in the last few months

  • Stretch marks may appear on the abdomen. This is because the skin is stretched considerably. You cannot prevent this. You can try to keep the skin supple with a cream. This way it will be less noticeable.
  • The bladder is getting less and less space, so the toilet bowl will become your 2nd home in this last period.
  • Many women experience a kind of cleaning frenzy, or nesting urge. Of course, the house has to look perfect for when the baby arrives.


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