Removing hair from your bikini line: Ready for summer!

As soon as the weather gets nice, we Dutch prefer to go to the beach as quickly as possible. After a cold winter, our body still needs to be updated so that it is completely ready for summer. Nothing is more annoying than a few hairs sticking out from under the edge of your bikini. To prevent this, you can use different methods of hair removal such as shaving, hair removal cream or a Brazilian wax. How do you ensure a smooth and well-groomed bikini line?

Hair removal

When you’re lying on the beach in your new bikini, you don’t want a few escaped hairs to be visible at the edge of your bikini bottoms. It is not so bad that your bikini line does not always look tip top in the winter. However, in the summer it must be completely cared for again. Hair removal from your bikini line can be done in different ways. After hair removal, make sure you always take good skin care.


Shaving is the most common method of hair removal. You do this with a razor blade. Nowadays there are many different types of blades available. There are disposable blades that are blunt after just a few shaves, but also luxury razor blades that are specially designed for the female form. Choose a razor that suits you and that you get along well with. It is important that you approach shaving carefully so that you do not get wounds. Shave with the hair growth. If you shave against the grain, there is a high risk of irritation. Your skin will then become red and painful, which is of course not the intention. Shaving is a simple and usually painless method of hair removal. However, the hair will grow back quickly and you may end up with ugly, thick stubble. In addition, the skin quickly becomes irritated by shaving.

Depilatory cream

Special depilatory creams are available for depilating the bikini line. You apply the cream to the skin, wait a few minutes and then remove the cream and hair in the shower. This method of hair removal is also painless. However, you may be allergic to the cream, which will cause your skin to feel very painful and red afterwards. Depilatory creams do not always remove all hair and often the first hairs grow back quickly.

Brazilian wax

The Brazilian Wax is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. This method of waxing removes some of the hair on the pubic area. You can even choose to have all the hair removed or just leave a thin line. Removal is done with a hot wax that is applied to the skin and then pulled off along with the hair. Some people experience this as very painful, for other people it is not so bad. It is best to have waxing done by a beautician. This way it is less painful than if you do it yourself and she can also reach the hard-to-reach places. The costs of waxing are a lot higher than shaving or depilatory cream. A treatment costs between thirty and sixty euros. A big advantage is that the hairs stay away for about a month and that they grow back a lot softer and lighter.

Skin care

No matter how you remove hair from the bikini line, it will always cause some irritation to the skin. That is why it is important to take good care of your bikini line after hair removal. It is best to use baby products, because these products are suitable for sensitive skin. After hair removal, apply some baby oil or talcum powder to the skin. This prevents irritation and makes the skin wonderfully soft.
To give your skin some rest, it is important to wait a day before going into the sun. This way your skin can recover enough. This way you can go into the sun with smooth and well-groomed skin!

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