The Roy Martina diet: losing weight by adjusting your lifestyle

The holistic doctor Roy Martina is convinced that dieting does not help you lose weight permanently. Most people fail to maintain the weight after dieting and gain it back. According to him, you must first change your self-image so that you can break away from eating out of emotion. If you know which emotion makes you eat, you have to do something about that emotion. What does the Roy Martina diet entail and does it work?

Roy Martina

Roy Martina is a holistic doctor who wants to create optimal health for people. He believes that you can break away from eating out of emotion, boredom or habit by changing your self-image. He has written a book in which he gives advice on nutrition and lifestyle. Conscious eating in combination with exercise and drinking water is central.

Why diets don’t work

Roy Martina believes that it is wrong to go on a diet because it does not work. Only 2% of people who diet manage to lose weight permanently. You usually gain weight again and often even more than you lost. This causes people to fall into a pattern of a so-called yo-yo effect. There are people who follow one diet after another without results, which makes them even more likely to eat out of emotion or even end up in stomach surgery.

The basic principle

After years of study, doctor Roy Martina has discovered the secret of the small percentage of people who manage to become permanently slim. He has researched all kinds of things with his clients, such as slimming products, medicines and motivational training. To stay permanently slim, the following points are essential:

  1. A new lifestyle without diet
  2. Changing self-image and self-esteem
  3. Learning to deal with emotional stress


The program

It’s about getting to a natural weight. The question is what is the natural weight that suits the person. Then we look at how the natural weight is achieved and the eating and drinking behavior is adjusted. Then the physical activity is examined. It is important to discover why you are unable to lose weight. Roy Martina believes that many people have a subconscious belief that losing weight will not work, which means that consciously it will not work. There are emotional blockages that often cause people to eat out of emotion. People are often fat because of emotions and people often reward themselves with tasty food.

The natural weight

Losing weight is more than just losing a few pounds in a few weeks. The aim should be to permanently reach a natural weight. This is only possible by adjusting your lifestyle. To know what weight belongs to you, you need to know how your metabolism works. In his book The Slim Lifestyle he describes how you can change your lifestyle by adjusting your diet, exercising more and drinking a lot of water.

Control emotions

You have to find balance with your emotions. If you eat out of emotions, you have to think differently and adjust your lifestyle. A strong sense of self-esteem and self-respect is very important. If there are certain emotions such as fears, anger, jealousy, phobias or tensions, this needs to be worked on. It is important to discover and resolve your own emotional blockages. Physical complaints can also be an obstacle.


By becoming aware of food, you will probably eat healthier. You work on your emotional blockages so that you feel better about yourself. A lot of exercise and drinking lots of water is good for you. It is easy to apply because you do not have to prepare separate dishes every time and you do not have to count calories endlessly. If you successfully work on your blockages, you can break free from emotional eating, allowing you to successfully lose weight.


It is sometimes very difficult to determine for yourself what your emotional blockages are or what a natural weight is. This may require you to seek help in the form of a coach, dietician or in some other way to achieve a better lifestyle. Because Roy Martina’s method is very focused on emotional blockages, losing weight may be very slow, making it difficult to maintain. It can be difficult to achieve the desired result using this method.

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