History of fashion

Fashion is a French word and it means manner or manner. The word fashion is also used in English. Fashion is the way in which clothing styles, clothing and views or a certain language use are very popular at a certain time.

Not just clothes

When people think of fashion, they mainly think of clothing, but fashion is not just about your outfit. Other items, such as accessories such as hats, bags, belts and scarves, are also subject to trends. Fashion is reflected in everything. Your clothing, accessories and furnishings, among other things, are subject to fashion trends.

Very old

In fact, fashion is almost as old as humanity itself. It already existed in ancient times. The noble people also wore the most beautiful clothes in the Middle Ages. Back then you could even tell from someone’s clothing which class they belonged to. At that time, you could read someone’s social class and position in society from the clothes that person wore. This disappeared after the French Revolution. The standard fell away. So you could no longer tell from someone’s clothing which class he or she belonged to. This created fashion.


In the past, fashion houses mainly determined what was fashionable. Nowadays it is more the other way around. When designing a new collection, fashion houses are mainly guided by the trends on the street. So they notice what people are wearing on the street and use this as a point of inspiration when designing their new collection. Current fashion is therefore more a reflection of the clothing styles and trends that have emerged on the street.

Fashion image

It is also often the case that it is not clear at the time what the current fashion image is. This is often only recognized in retrospect, such as the fashion from the seventies (mini skirts, hip jeans). The fashion shows often determine what the fashion image will be for the coming year. They largely determine what will be in the stores and what will therefore become mass fashion. Whether this really becomes a trend depends on the consumer and the way the media write about fashion. It often takes a while before something really comes into fashion and becomes a trend.

Important fashion cities

The most important fashion centers include Milan, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. These are basically the fashion capitals of the world. This is where fashion houses and designers show their creations several times a year. What is shown here on the catwalk is an impression of what will be seen next in the stores. The designers create creations that can only be worn on the catwalk. Derived from this, clothing is made that is wearable. People often have to get used to the new fashion, but over time they start to like it. Fashion usually involves a certain color, model or fabric. For example, light blue may be fashionable one season and yellow the next year.

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