Losing Weight, Eating and Hunger

Losing weight and eating are of course very closely linked. The fact that losing weight is not always easy is evident from the attention it receives in the media. New diets are constantly being devised and new ‘miracle drugs’ are being marketed that are said to make losing weight easier.

Eating habits

A major problem with losing weight is that people have wrong eating habits. These need to be changed and that is easier said than done. Almost everyone knows the principles of a healthy, balanced diet, but more and more people are struggling with obesity. A major problem with losing weight is that people feel like they are lacking something. People have to eat less and differently and that causes problems that are largely psychological in nature.

Eat Less

Some fairly simple things can help make cutting down on food easier. This way you can start taking a smaller plate to eat from. This keeps your plate full of food, but because the plate is smaller, you still eat less. The same goes for the spoons you use to serve. This is especially important with high-calorie sauces. This way you scoop up the same number of spoons, but the quantity is smaller. When slicing meat, cut them thinner and the same number as you would for thick slices. When it comes to drinking, the following also applies: use a smaller glass or cup, at least for high-calorie drinks such as alcohol, fruit juices and milk, for example.

Taper off

Taper off slowly, let your body get used to the fact that it has to settle for less. Otherwise you’ll be back to square one before you know it. Eating slowly also helps with this, it gives your body time to send out the signals that it is full, because when you eat quickly you don’t feel that. It is also useful to drink a glass of water before and after a meal, which gives you a feeling of fullness without calories.

What is Hunger?

Your body can cope with less food, the desire for food is mainly psychological. This brings us to something else. How do you know when you are actually hungry? When you are really hungry, your stomach often grumbles and sometimes you even feel weak and lethargic. If none of this bothers you and you still feel hungry, wait another fifteen minutes. When it turns out to be really hungry, your stomach usually starts to rumble. Of course, it is okay to eat when you are not hungry, but it is something your body gets used to and which ultimately results in calories that you do not immediately need.

Hunger and Cravings

The problem is that we often eat because we are hungry, not really hungry. Hunger means that your body really needs food, energy is low, the glucose in your blood has dropped and it is time for a new supply of energy. Hungry means that we feel like eating. This may be because we see or smell something that makes us hungry. Or because, for example, we are used to eating at a certain time and our body is trained accordingly. If you eat because you are really hungry, you will feel much better after just a few spoonfuls. But if you eat because you are hungry, you will quickly overeat yourself. When you know the difference between hunger and hunger, you have won an important battle.

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