Pregnant, weeks 5 to 8

‘Pregnant, weeks 5 to 8’ is an article about pregnancy. In this article you can read what to expect during the first weeks of your pregnancy. Many women often just discover that they are pregnant and have all kinds of questions: what can I do?, what should I not do?, what appointments do I have to make? and so forth. If you are looking for answers to all these and many other questions, read on… In this article you can find information about weeks 5 to 8 of your pregnancy. Pregnancy often brings with it many questions, especially in the beginning. We hope that this article will answer many questions. More information and beautiful detailed pictures of this special process can be found at .

Week 5

The baby is 5-8 mm tall from head to buttocks (rump length). This week the heart will start beating. Women often notice that they are pregnant during this week because they do not have menstruation. Because a lot has changed in your hormone balance, you may start to suffer from ailments from this week onwards. Ailments that you may already be suffering from include: tense breasts, fatigue and nausea. However, it may just as well be that you don’t notice it at all.

Week 6

The baby is 10-14 mm long (rump length). From this point on it is called an embryo, but in essence it is still just a ‘pinhead’. During this week a head and the entire spine are formed. The heart is now also starting to beat faster and the blood circulation has already been formed. Small bulges grow on the pinhead, which will become arms and legs. Preparations are also made during this week for the formation of a placenta.

Week 7

The baby is now 17-22 mm long (rump length). During this week the embryo really takes the shape of a child and development goes very quickly. Arms and legs can already be clearly distinguished from each other. The discs at the end of the limbs become hands and feet. Even two dark spots on the head indicate where the eyes will be. The brain and spine are also developed during this week.

Week 8

Your child’s tailbone length is now 28-30 mm long. From this moment on it starts moving spontaneously, but unfortunately you don’t notice anything yet. During this week the embryo becomes a boy or a girl.
At the end of this week, certain bone cells are formed. The most important organs are already present at this stage, but are not yet sufficiently developed. The heart is already starting to beat more regularly.
You and your baby
From the 5th or 6th week, women are more likely to suffer from ailments. Breast tension, fatigue, skin ‘change’ and nausea occur in many women at this stage. If you feel nauseous a lot in the morning , it is wise to eat something light before getting up (i.e. while still in bed).

  • Midwife: In week 5 or 6 you can call the midwife to make an appointment. This appointment is usually scheduled around the 8th or 9th week.
  • To the midwife: don’t forget your ID and your insurance card. Also check with yourself which diseases/conditions run in your family (think of chickenpox, etc.)
  • Your work: From the 6th week onwards it is also important to check whether the work you do is safe and not too tiring, for example if you work at night.
  • Morning sickness: eat something light before you get out of bed, a cracker or biscuit often helps enormously.
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