Cheap visits to the hairdresser with the hairdresser’s voucher

A haircut at the hairdresser is not cheap. But the hairdresser voucher offers you a great offer. With this voucher you even get a nice discount on three treatments! Reason enough to consider purchasing a hairdressing voucher. In addition, the voucher is regularly even cheaper in offers from Marktplaats and Groupon. And even if you are a Rabobank customer, you can purchase the voucher with an extra discount. A visit to the hairdresser: most people do this every 6 to 7 weeks. After that, the style in your hair has dropped a few centimeters and is no longer in place. High time to go again. But a hairdresser visit can easily cost 25 euros or more, for washing, cutting and drying/blow-drying. But that can also be done cheaper for a few times. How? With the hairdresser’s voucher.
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  • How does the Kappersbon work?
  • How much discount does the Kappersbon offer?
  • How much does the Kappersbon cost?
  • Where can I get an extra discount on the Kappersbon?
  • Which hairdresser can I go to?
  • What are the advantages
  • What should I pay attention to?
  • The small print


How does the Kappersbon work?

The Kappersbon consists of three vouchers , which are called coupons. The voucher offers a discount on three visits to a hairdresser. You buy the voucher and can then spend it at one of the more than three hundred affiliated hair salons. This means that you cannot spend the voucher at all hairdressers. You are also not allowed to be a customer at the hair salon where you redeem the voucher. It is unclear how the organizer checks this. However, your regular hairdresser will probably not be happy to accept your receipt, because you are already a customer.

How much discount does the Kappersbon offer?

You will receive the following discounts:

  • First treatment free: The first treatment is free. This consists of washing, cutting and styling.
  • Second treatment: 10% discount: For the second treatment you pay the amount of the treatment, but you will receive a 10% discount.
  • Third treatment: also 10% discount: You also get a 10% discount on the amount of the treatment on the third treatment.


How much does the Kappersbon cost?

You can buy the voucher online from the organization that sells the Kappersbon: DNP Marketing BV for 24.95 (plus 1.50 shipping and administration costs).

Where can I get an extra discount on the Kappersbon?

Various organizations regularly offer the Kappersbon at a discount. For example, Marktplaats , which sometimes offers the voucher as ‘ Today’s offer ‘ for 12.45 (and without additional costs).
Groupon is also participating, for example recently with an offer of 2 Hairdresser vouchers for the original price of 1 from the organizer. This is useful if you are going to spend the voucher together with someone.
But even if you have an account with Rabobank , you are in good hands: you can buy the voucher for only 14.95 (excl. shipping costs). On its site, Rabobank mentions 400 affiliated hair salons, but the organizer only mentions 300 hairdressers.
Some companies even offer the voucher as a free extra when purchasing a printer (Informatique), as a prize that you can win in a promotion, or on which you can bid (Holiday Auctions) .
If you are thinking about purchasing the voucher, then look for the most favorable provider on the internet!

Which hairdresser can I go to?

You can request the affiliated hairdressers on the organizer’s website. You can only search there by province. This turns out not to be useful if you want to choose a hairdresser in/around a large town. Before purchasing the voucher, it is wise to check whether there is an affiliated hairdresser in your area.

What are the advantages

  • Discount: First of all, the discounts on the three treatments are of course interesting.


  • Different hairdresser: It is also nice to go to a different hairdresser. I had a nice experience because of the voucher: the hairdresser I visited with the voucher cut my hair in a different way and even better than my regular hairdresser!


What should I pay attention to?

  • Waiting time: Once you have paid for the voucher (via the internet) you will receive a payment confirmation. However, you will receive the voucher itself the old-fashioned way: it will be sent to your home by the organizer by post. This takes about 10 (!) days. You can already contact the hairdresser of your choice and perhaps also make an appointment in principle , but in order to spend the voucher, you need the voucher you sent .


  • Validity period: If you do not purchase the voucher directly from the organizer, the validity period may be shorter! So pay close attention to the small print. A voucher purchased via Marktplaats had a validity of only 6 months, instead of the validity period stated on the voucher itself of 1 year! It is unclear which validity counts now.


  • Not in December: The voucher cannot be spent in the month in which most hairdressing treatments are carried out: December.


  • Minimum value of follow-up treatments: Your second and third hairdressing treatment must have a value of at least 25.00 to receive the 10% discount.


  • One participation per person: You can only spend a Kappersbon once per person.


The small print

Read carefully the terms and conditions of both the organizer and, if applicable, the organiser. provider if you purchase the voucher in another way.

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