Lose weight naturally, new lifestyle

Many people who decide to lose weight go on all kinds of diets. Atkins, Sonja Bakker, you name it and people will try it. As a result, they lose weight quickly and gain it back just as quickly, often even more than they originally weighed.

New way of life

Losing weight naturally sounds ideal. And very simple. And actually that is true. There are a number of simple ways of dealing with food that will help you lose weight. This may not happen as quickly as a crash diet, but if you master these rules and stick to them, you will slowly but surely lose weight. And that weight won’t come back. Because you are not on a diet, but because you have changed the way you deal with food. This is a new way of life. It may take some time to get used to it, but in the long run it is the only way that really works.

Meal times

Many people start the day wrong. They skip breakfast in the hope of eating fewer calories. And often end up by eating too much later in the day. In the morning, your body has already been without food and therefore without energy for several hours. A breakfast gives your body energy to start the day. And by building in five or six eating moments throughout the day, your body will have enough energy all day long and you will be doing your metabolism a big favor.


When you go to work, school or whatever, take some fruit with you. A banana, apple or whatever. If you get hungry when you are not at home, you are not dependent on the unhealthy snacks that are offered in most places and you can satisfy your hunger with something healthy, which also lasts longer.

Sufficient moisture

Make sure you get enough fluid, at least two liters per day. Many people think they are hungry and reach for something to eat, when they are actually thirsty. When it is hot or you are actively exercising, it is advisable to drink even more. Be careful with drinks that contain a lot of sugar, such as packaged fruit juices. Various coffee specialties also contain many calories. Try to consume your calories mainly in the form of food, because that satisfies your body better.


Pay close attention to the amounts you eat. No matter how healthy you eat, if it is too much you will not lose weight. If necessary, provide smaller plates to eat from, fill your plate once in a while and mainly eat vegetables, a small piece of meat or chicken and only a little pasta, rice or bread. This fills your body mainly with vegetables, which provide a lot of energy and at the same time contain few calories. Also pay close attention to the signals from your body. Try to eat slowly, your body needs time to feel full, often about twenty minutes. If you are still hungry after those twenty minutes, you can still eat something.


Occasionally eat something that you really like and that may be less healthy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s chips, cookies or chocolate. Don’t do it too often and don’t take too much, but once in a while can’t hurt. If you abstain from something you really like for a long period of time, you run the risk of eating enormous amounts of it afterwards. Which undoes all your hard work from the previous period.

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