All ways to remove hair

Many people suffer from excess hair, but what is the best way to remove the hair? You can read that in this article.


suitable for darker hair, but time-consuming and also irritating to the skin. This is possible, for example, with hairs on the upper lip or arms. The hair does not disappear. The hair only becomes lighter in color. If you have blond or gray hair, this treatment has no effect.


a quick (usually) painless and cheap way, but very short solution; which usually also produces hard and visible stubble within a day. Shaving also dries out your skin. You should always use a cream after shaving.


a commonly used temporary solution that can keep hair away from a few days to, in mild cases, a few weeks. When they come back there is no stubble, the ends of the hair are soft. Waxing does hurt. If you have done it once, it will hurt less the next time. The best version is done by a beautician. You can also have it done at various hair salons.


you pull out the hair by the root with tweezers. Handy if you want to quickly get rid of a hair, but it takes a lot of time if you have to pull out a lot of hair. The disadvantage is that you pull out blonde hair, which then comes back as dark hair. Moreover, it can cause pimples. It does give you softer skin.

Electric epilation

The hair roots are removed with electric shocks. It is an old one, but it is still often performed. It also gives you soft skin. It is mainly performed by beauticians. Many women find it a good method, other women suffer skin damage, such as pigment spots and small scars. There is no guarantee of permanent hair removal.

IPL or flash lamp

a concentrated beam of light that destroys the hair root as a result of the heat emitted. A large area can be covered with it. Only visible hairs can be removed. They should also not be blonde or gray, because the light beam guides through the pigment of the hair. The treatment must be repeated regularly and for a long time to also remove hair from the sleeping phase. There is no guarantee that the hair will stay away permanently.


This method of hair removal is most often used because the hair stays away for a long time, sometimes the hair stays away forever. It’s not cheap and no guarantees are given. The number of treatments depends on the severity of the hair. This treatment is often applied in specialized cosmetic institutes or clinics.

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