Delayed Metabolism, What to Do?

Many overweight people struggle with all kinds of diets. And this often results in a person’s metabolism no longer working, or working very slowly. This is more common than we think and the person who suffers from it will hardly lose weight when he or she follows a diet. This article contains a number of things that help to restart a slowed metabolism.

Always on Diet

Many people who constantly diet between sessions suffer from this: A metabolism that is more or less destroyed. Due to constant dieting or due to anorexia, for example, the body has become completely confused and hardly responds anymore when someone diets. The person hardly loses weight, but gains weight immediately when the diet is stopped. That makes it even more frustrating for someone to try to lose weight, because if diet doesn’t help, what then? This problem is very common. But fortunately there is a relatively simple solution.

Long Term Thinking

The most important thing is to think long term. Because in the short term no changes can be expected with a slowed metabolism. It is important to eat more, at least for a while. This must be built up again slowly. Calculate how much you eat in a day and increase that by 10 to 20%. This means that you slowly get used to eating more. Increase the amount of food every few days until you reach a normal food level (this of course depends on age, whether someone is male or female, whether someone has heavy physical activities or only light office work, etc). Once you have reached this level, it is important to maintain it for at least two weeks.


It is also important to engage in strength training. Strength training ensures that your muscles are active and this is the most important and effective way to get your metabolism going again. Some women fear that strength training will turn them into some sort of female Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that’s a myth. Women will at most get a more muscular appearance, to turn into a female bodybuilder extreme resources are needed. Cardio training is also a good way to work on your stalled metabolism. A combination of strength training and cardio works best.


Have five or six small meals a day. Eat a good breakfast, which will give you energy to start the day. It is also good to eat a hearty meal after a workout. Make sure you eat something every three or four hours. If you want to lose weight, make sure you are slightly below the recommended calorie intake (for men this means around 2100-2500 calories per day, for women around 1400-1800, depending on the circumstances mentioned earlier). Choose as many natural products as possible, provide fresh fruit and vegetables and products such as chicken and turkey. Low-fat products that give you energy.

To persevere

The most important thing now is not to give up and persevere. Keep exercising and eating healthy and you will see results over time. If you fall back on crash diets, you will be left with a slowed metabolism and losing weight will remain a major problem.

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