A balanced life

It’s actually quite strange, we all know that a balanced life is good and feels good and yet we experience the stress of everyday life. We often work towards a deadline, want to be able to do more and more in a day and keep raising the personal bar. It is not surprising that stress or other pressure dominates many people’s lives. Fortunately, there is also a way to restore balance. A way that does not turn your entire life upside down, but does change the nuances.


If you start from the basic idea that a day has 24 hours and you should definitely sleep about 8 hours, spend a few hours eating and fit in some rest time, then there is enough time left for all those other things. However, as long as we keep adding things to our lives, for example because it is all so much fun or because there is no other option, it will become painful at some point. In fact, we all know what causes it, but not all of us are able to do anything about it.
Yet, without having to turn your entire life upside down, there are some things you can pay attention to that can bring back the balance .

The agenda

Take a good look at what is planned and follow for some time how the agenda actually runs. This way you can see the pressure in the agenda from incorrect planning. After all, an agenda that goes significantly differently than planned is wrongly planned. What does it show you, where are you limping? There is a good chance that the outcome will be that you put more on the agenda than is feasible. Even if you know it in the back of your mind, just follow it in your agenda for a while. The next step is to see whether what is included is actually necessary. In short, make a new priority list with the result that you will have to let go of some things at the bottom of the list.

The body/food

Maybe not the most obvious one, but everything starts with the body and so you have to learn to listen. In a busy life where the balance is lost, we hardly listen to the body and we have to reverse that process. Some simple things can help with this, such as taking the time to eat and not combining it with anything else. Where your diet can best consist of natural products (not prepared food). All those E numbers on all that packaging are not doing the body any good. Drink enough and preferably limit your consumption of drinks that remove fluid from the body, such as alcohol and coffee. Also feel what the food does to your body and when you are full (so don’t eat too quickly!). Do you become lethargic or active after eating and learn which foods do something for you.

The body/bowel movements

Eating and drinking includes bowel movements and you must take the time to do so. We all know the consequences that not passing urine properly can have, but holding in your stool removes fluid from your body. In addition, the stool thickens further, which can have consequences as soon as you do go to the toilet. After waking up, digestion starts and it would be good if you could empty your intestines in the early morning hours. You may have to adjust your morning ritual slightly to make this possible.


Another open door, but important for your body and mind to restore balance. Make sure your body keeps moving and whether that’s taking the kids to school by bike or taking the dog for a walk or putting on your sneakers to go for a run… move. A bit of efficiency in a busy agenda is often the combination with something else. And so cycling to the children’s school is not that bad, but don’t use your mind on the way back. Just relax with your face in the wind and just think about the body that has to do its best to ensure that you don’t fall over. Of course, you can also hang out at the gym in the evenings, but spending some time on the couch in the evening (possibly with your partner) is also part of a balanced life. But whatever you choose, make sure it is something that suits you.


A separate one on this list, but essential. Lots of laughter has been proven to be good for everyone to gain balance. Your body processes laughter extremely well. It relaxes, takes the pressure off your thoughts and is good for your abdominal and facial muscles. Start by bursting out laughing at least once a day.


Sex is good for the body, it relaxes the body and removes pressure. Moreover, it is good for the mind, because lust affects the mind. It goes without saying that you should not let it replace sleep, but unplug the television a little earlier, have a pleasant evening together or, if the situation allows it, temporarily find a different environment altogether. Putting a weekend away in the agenda every now and then can do wonders.


You have to want it, because it doesn’t happen automatically. First create awareness with the agenda and then apply small changes. For example, a few small changes every week will lead to significant changes after a month that can contribute to restoring balance. So if you don’t want to completely turn your life upside down, there are plenty of options!

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