The ‘skin care’ cleansing

With the last throes of winter, we are already looking forward to spring and that means opening the windows, cleaning the house and giving your own skin a freshening up. After all, your skin has to endure a lot in the winter with all those different temperature levels. From the chilly wind you come into the cozy house and from the icy cold you sit comfortably by the hot fire of the fireplace. And everything in between. So it’s time to expose the skin to the rising sun again in a pleasant and healthy way (with good protection!).

What to do?

After the cold winter months you often see that the skin has lost its condition. For some this is drier skin and for others it is more impure skin. But whatever kind of skin you have, don’t be too drastic with it. Even if the impact is significant, it is still important to handle the skin calmly and carefully. And carefulness means the following:

  • Cleaning) Cleanse the skin twice a day with a cleanser tailored to the skin. Gently wipe the cotton pad with the liquid over the skin and make sure you also include the typical spots of the T-zone. The forehead, the nose (with the nostrils) and the chin. The cleaning usually consists of 2 products, because one product opens the pores to clean them, the other product closes the clean pores again. Always use this ritual consistently.
  • Apply) Then apply a day cream to cleansed skin in the morning hours and a night cream in the evenings (possibly in combination with an eye cream for the fine lines). Never rub heavily, but pat the cream into the skin.


  • Extra 1) In addition to the above-mentioned daily ritual, it is good to remove dead skin cells and when you exfoliate you do so at an accelerated pace. Faster than the skin does this itself. In addition, the skin absorbs what you want to add better.
  • Extra 2) What has become very popular in a short time is the dermaroller. But with the dermaroller you have to apply it properly, otherwise it can cause a lot of suffering if applied incorrectly. The roller is available in different thicknesses and it is impossible to say in advance which one you need. So get good advice in the store and apply the instructions carefully (approach a piece of house 2x horizontally, 2x vertically and 2x diagonally and clean the roller thoroughly every time after printing). Apply the derma roller after you have thoroughly cleansed the skin. The painless injections stimulate the skin, as it were, and the idea is that you use the small wounds (because that’s what they are, after all) to encourage the skin to recover, and the skin does just that. The skin will look fresher, but beware of getting used to it. If you do it too often, the skin will get used to it and the effect will disappear or be minimal for a while. Great as a refresher for the upcoming spring!
  • Extra 3) Let your skin rest in the bath with a nice mask or some cucumber slices on the face. Truly relaxing means resting your head for a while and whether you do that with some nice music or a relaxing magazine, it doesn’t matter. Such moments are good for body and mind.


When is good really good?

If you do everything according to the rules, how do you know if you have done enough? You can’t be 100% certain anywhere, but your skin must feel good. And feeling good is very easy to control. You run a few fingers feather-lightly over your cheek and your skin should move smoothly, without you exerting pressure. Your skin should have a fresh color and fresh is clear and does not matter whether it is whiter or pinker. Any gray veil that may be present must be gone. If the skin is still tight or feels dry, your skin needs more nourishment. In that case, add fat and moisture via the day and night cream.

To keep up with

If you have thoroughly cleansed, it is also good (and nice) to regularly take a moment to give your skin that little bit extra. After all, the sun also has its influence on the skin at some point. Combine that moment with a moment of relaxation and it will work better and last longer. If you feel good mentally, this also has an effect on your appearance. Your own moment of relaxation in any way can contribute to this.


It is not about the preciousness of a product. It concerns the active ingredients for the skin and these are personal. Make sure you have the right products for your skin (get advice from a professional if desired) in combination with a moment for yourself and you lay an excellent foundation to shake off the winter from your skin and prepare your skin for spring.

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