Dye your hair yourself: cheap, easy and beautiful

Are you one of the more than 5 million Dutch women who regularly dye their hair? Or do you want to paint it yourself, but are you still unsure? Read here how to limit costs, how to paint highlights, what to do about unwanted splatters, and much more. Also think about your pillowcase, as the dye may bleed during the first few nights after dyeing.

This article is not about how to use a pack of paint, because you can read that in the instructions. Follow it carefully!



  • Do several times with a pack of paint: reuse the bottle
  • Only paint roots
  • Paint highlights
  • Do it yourself or with a friend
  • Cheap is not expensive
  • Hurry… take your time
  • What else do you dye, besides your hair?
  • Hair dye can rub off on pillowcases
  • Strong or aggressive shampoo makes color disappear


Do several times with a pack of paint: reuse the bottle

It’s nice that there is hair dye, but anyone who has ever had their hair dyed at the hairdresser knows that it is not a cheap treatment. Despite the fact that you can sometimes go to the hairdresser at a discount, for example with the Kappersbon, you still spend a lot of money. Dyeing your hair yourself saves a lot on your expenses. But it still costs money, and you’ll probably have to dye your hair about six times a year to keep up. Then it is nice to know that there are a number of ways that you can use a pack of paint several times.
The parts from a pack of hair dye that we can divide are:

  • a tube of paint
  • a bottle of developing fluid

The first time you buy hair dye, you buy a package that contains a bottle with a screw cap. Many bottles have a cap that you have to break off. If you can’t find such a paint, buy it with a break cap. You want to reuse the bottle.
The first time you use the entire package , you mix the entire tube in the bottle of developing liquid. Then you will have a handy reusable bottle left. If you have short or medium hair, you can probably get by with half (or even a third) of the dye. You will notice it when you use a whole pack of paint the first time, remember how much you have left and have to throw it away.
The next time you will only use half. How? look carefully at both packages, what is the half? Now put half of the new developing liquid from the new complete package into the old empty bottle . You also do this with the new paint tube . If the empty bottle has a breakable cap, you should keep your finger (with a glove on!) on the cap and shake it so that nothing comes out. This way you can use 1 package several times.

Only paint roots

If you get some gray, it usually starts at your hairline , where your hair growth touches your face. Moreover, you will see the gray hairs most clearly in your parting , if you have one. Gray later on at the back. This makes it very convenient to only paint those parts that are gray. That saves you paint. This way you can easily do your hair with just a quarter of the dye.

Paint highlights

Highlights liven up your hair, especially if you have dyed your hair, because they usually make your color quite even, more even than natural undyed hair. Some hair dye sets contain both hair dye and powder that you create and with which you can dye highlights. For example, L’Oreal, which previously sold the Couleur Experte red suits. These are sometimes still available via online stores or on the market. You can also easily ‘divide’ these for multiple uses.
For example, Hema also sells individual highlight packs.
Some people use dye for blonde hair, for example Poly Blonde for coupe soleil.
With cap
You can buy a cap for dyeing highlights , such as those used in hair salons. Make sure you buy a sturdy cap, as a cap that is too flexible will slide and not work well. The result is therefore less attractive. Search for highlight cap or bleach cap.

With foil

You can also use foil to paint highlights. Tear or cut strips of aluminum foil. Pick up tufts with a crochet hook. Place a strip of foil underneath, paint the section of hair, and fold the foil strip closed. Treat all strands this way.

Do it yourself or with a friend

If you want to dye your hair for the first time, it is nice to have a friend do it. She can then also see whether the paint has already taken hold, or whether you may need to leave it on for a little longer than the packaging says. After one or a few times you will probably feel confident enough to do the dyeing yourself and you will become more and more adept at it.

Cheap is not expensive

Hair dyes from own brands from drugstores or other stores can also work well. It is a myth that these dyes last shorter in your hair. Trying it out is the best thing, which color suits you best, which brand, which one lasts the longest for you? Get to know her. It may also be that your hair grabs just fine, or that the product needs to work longer. You can only experience that yourself.

Hurry… take your time

The most important thing when dyeing hair is: take your time! Both for a nice result and to avoid spilling too much on the sink, clothes, etc. If you are actually short on time, don’t paint.

What else do you dye, besides your hair?

Sink and clothes

The hair dye, if it is permanent, is aggressive enough to also leave beautiful dots on your sink and clothes. It is useful to wear old clothing where a splash of paint is not a disaster. Use 2 towels: 1 small one to put on your sink and display all the painting supplies, and 1 large one to put around your shoulders. You can easily secure this with a hair clip. You can reserve an old large towel for that and throw it in the wash after dyeing for next time. Let it dry for a day first and then wash it with darker laundry just to be sure.


Of course, you want to dye all the hair, including those along your hairline around your face. This means that you will soon also paint a piece of skin. You can prevent this by carefully applying some Vaseline to your skin close to your hairline. Be careful not to pick up any hair or run your Vaseline fingers through your hair immediately afterwards, because then the paint will not stick as well there.

Remove paint splatters

splashes from your face and surroundings with:

  • shampoo
  • cigarette ash that makes you a little wet
  • baby oil
  • special wipes, available at the drugstore

stains on clothing by spraying it with hairspray and then washing the garment in the washing machine.

Hair dye can rub off on pillowcases

During the first few days after dyeing, your hair (both wet and dry) may stain your pillowcase. Therefore, sleep with an (old) towel on your pillow for the first few days.

Strong or aggressive shampoo makes color disappear

There are many differences in shampoo from various brands and types. Andrelon is said by users to be very strong or even aggressive and therefore quickly remove the dyed color from your hair.
Good luck with dyeing your hair yourself!

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