Separated further

In addition to couples getting married, there are unfortunately also many couples who separate and divorce. This is also called a divorce. Divorce is not something you just do. There is a lot involved here. This is not only the case if you have been married, people who want to end their registered partnership also have to arrange everything.

Make appointments

Firstly, the assets must be divided among themselves and agreements must also be made about other matters, such as alimony and board. If you have children, you must also make agreements about their upbringing and care.

Different forms of separation

There are various forms of divorce in the Netherlands. These are a divorce, a legal separation and a dissolution of marriage after the legal separation. For every divorce, partners must submit a request to the court through a lawyer.

A divorce

Your marriage is hereby terminated. All legal ties between you as partners will then be severed.

Legal separation

According to the law, you will remain married, but due to this divorce, certain rights and obligations associated with the marriage no longer apply.

Dissolution of marriage after legal separation

Your marriage will then be definitively ended. This has severed all legal ties between you.

Significant costs

A divorce can be quite expensive. For example, you have to go to court with every form of divorce and dissolution of marriage. You also need a lawyer. You must have all documents that the court requires sent through your lawyer. You will also be represented at the hearing by your lawyer. If you cannot pay your lawyer’s fees at the court, you may be eligible for subsidized legal aid.

Termination of registered partnership

If you have a registered partnership, it can be terminated by one or both partners canceling the registration. If you do not have children, this can be done outside the court. The agreement is then drawn up by a lawyer or a notary. This will then be registered with the civil registry. If you do have minor children, the termination of the registered partnership always takes place through the courts.


There are two forms of alimony. These are spousal support and child support. With spousal maintenance, an ex-partner is obliged to contribute to the costs of living if the other cannot fully provide for this himself. Child support involves a contribution towards the costs of the children. Parents are obliged to care for their children until the age of 21.

A mediator

Before you actually make the decisions to separate, you can also seek the help of a mediator. This mediates between you. Under the guidance of this mediator, you will then try to find a different solution together.

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