PMS the hormone fluctuations

Unfortunately, PMS is still not always taken seriously. Even doctors often don’t know what to do with it. In addition to all the physical complaints that can occur, there are also a number of complaints that are emotional and psychological in nature. In any case, it is time that PMS is taken seriously and that the women who suffer from it every month are helped. If only through understanding.

Emotion and psyche

The physical symptoms are often very annoying and can manifest themselves from painful breasts to palpitations and diarrhea. Lying in bed for two days with a headache is no fun either, but it does not outweigh the emotional and psychological complaints. During PMS, the woman’s brain functions in a completely different way and in a completely different rhythm than when she is not in PMS. Research using brain scans shows that there is increased activity in the part of the brain that regulates emotions during PMS. The brains of women who have premenstrual complaints such as depression, irritability and hypersensitivity simply do not work well during this period. There are many women walking around with a brain that temporarily does not function properly. It turns out that there are actually a lot of women who destroy their homes, smash the dishes and pull the curtains off the rails. There have been cases of women running naked across the street, screaming and cursing, and there is even a case of a woman pushing her baby under water while bathing.

Crazy or temporarily insane?

It’s very easy to say that these women are crazy or mentally disturbed, but that’s not true because the rest of the month these women are just as normal as anyone else. Whether it’s brain chemistry or not, it’s a big problem for a lot of women. PMS can even be life-threatening, half of the women surveyed reported having thought about suicide. The physical complaints such as itching, sore breasts and extreme fatigue are very annoying, but the psychological complaints are often much worse. There are often women who are extremely suspicious and think that everyone hates them and that they should just end their lives. Yet these types of temporary psychological complaints are not limited to women. It turns out that men also suffer from hormonal moods. Scientists have called this syndrome the irritable man syndrome. This includes complaints such as irritability, anxiety and depression. The cause is probably too low a testosterone level. It turns out that men also undergo cyclical changes that make them grumpy, have concentration problems and cause all kinds of aches and pains.

Legal aspects

Considering that PMS has such an enormous impact on women, especially psychologically, you would expect that there would also be legal aspects to it. However, in the Netherlands, no cases have yet been reported of women claiming reduced responsibility in court due to PMS. In England there have been a number of cases in the last twenty years in which this defense of women has been accepted. It warns against accepting PMS’s apology for crimes and misdemeanors. Most employers will find an excuse if PMS does not count as an excuse for absenteeism.


A study involving four hundred women showed that eight out of ten women feel aggressive or violent in the premenstrual period, some for as long as two weeks. In almost all women the sex drive disappeared completely. Some women can hardly tolerate their partner near them during PMS. The image they have of him has completely changed during that period. If we assume that ninety percent of women suffer from PMS, then we can safely assume that a large number of families may have major problems every month. A study of a thousand men found that two-thirds experienced irrational behavior, heated arguments, swearing and lots of tears from their partner during the premenstrual period. It turns out that 13 percent of men between the ages of 15 and 24 have been physically attacked by their partners. In a number of cases this was a sign for the men that it was better to sleep in the car or in the garage.

All women lumped together

Of course, after reading this information you do not immediately have to distrust every woman. Most women, even those with PMS, won’t suddenly attack you on the street or anywhere else. You shouldn’t see it as a bunch of hysterics either. What we aim to do in sharing this information is to bring a little more understanding to women with PMS. Of course, there are also plenty of women who have their periods without any problems. Even if they do suffer from it, it doesn’t have to be just sadness and depression. In some cases, PMS can even be an advantage. A positive approach to PMS states that one is not irritable, but has a heightened awareness. There are also women who are more creative during PMS.


This shows that problems with PMS are more common than people think. Many people think this is a case of dirty laundry that should not be aired outside. Or people have no idea why these problems arise every month. If you recognize these problems, talk about them with your partner. Obviously it is not useful to talk to each other when you are in a PMS period. When peace has returned, talk to each other and try to seek help. Go to your doctor and see what he can do for you.

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