The seven beauties

Are you annoyed by a gap between your teeth or do you hide your freckles with tons of makeup? That is no longer necessary, because you own one of the beauties. We’ve all heard about the seven beauties, but what exactly are the seven beauties? Maybe you are the proud owner of one of the seven beauties. If you don’t have this, don’t worry. You can still be a beauty!

The seven beauties

The seven beauties relate to the face. If you possess one of these characteristics, it means that you are the lucky one who possesses one of the seven beauties. You then have a rare beauty feature according to Western standards. Of course, there are different beauty ideals in different countries.

1. Dimples in the cheeks

The dimples in the cheeks become visible when someone smiles. Usually dimples are seen as cute and give the face an innocent look. Celebrities with dimples include singer Cheryl Cole and model Miranda Kerr. There are also stars who do not have natural dimples, but piercings in their cheeks make them look like they have dimples. Examples include Amanda Bynes and Blac Chyna.

2. Dark hair and blue eyes or blond hair and brown eyes

It is rare to have blonde hair with dark eyes or dark hair with light eyes. Natural blondes often have blue eyes. In addition, dark-haired beauties often have brown eyes. Of course you can create this beauty with hair dye by dyeing your hair light if you have dark eyes or dyeing your hair dark if you have light eyes. Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima is often praised for her beauty, as she has dark hair and light blue eyes.

3. Long curled eyelashes

This concerns long, curled and full eyelashes that a woman naturally has. Nowadays you can also have eyelash extensions applied or stick on fake eyelashes, which also gives you the effect of long eyelashes. In addition, every woman owns mascara to get long, curled eyelashes. Another option is to use castor oil. This oil is said to promote hair growth and therefore lengthen your eyelashes naturally. It is often said that Kim Kardashian has long eyelashes when you look at photos where she is not wearing any makeup.

4. Almond-shaped eyes

Eyes come in different shapes. The eyes can be round, you can have drooping eyelids, bulging eyes, your eyes can be close together, you can have narrow eyes or almond-shaped eyes. An almond-shaped eye is shaped like an almond and this is also considered the ideal eye shape. You can make your eyes look almond-shaped by putting on black eyeliner and creating a winged eye . Celebrities with almond-shaped eyes include Megan Fox and Rihanna.

5. Birthmark above your lip

A mole above the lip is seen as sexy and it is also rare in that location. This is a natural black or brown birthmark that is present on the left or right above the lip. Model Cindy Crawford partly owes her success to her brown birthmark above her lip. Of course, you can also secretly touch up a birthmark yourself with black-brown eyeliner or black eye pencil, so that it looks like you have one of the seven beauties.

6. Freckles

Freckles are common in people with pale skin, but people with tanned skin can also get freckles from lying in the sun. Often women do not like freckles on the face and cover the freckles with makeup. This is not necessary, as freckles are considered one of the seven beauties. Famous stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone are happy with their freckles and certainly do not cover them with make-up.

7. Gap between your front teeth

Many people like straight teeth and are therefore not happy with a gap between the teeth. You can usually get rid of gaps by wearing braces. However, there are also women who are known for the gap between their teeth. For example, the trademark of Dutch model Lara Stone is the gap between her teeth.

Where is it from?

Everyone has heard of the seven beauties. However, it is unknown who invented the seven beauties. There are even several variations of the list circulating on the internet. The V-shaped hairline, plumpness, pale skin and squinting (squinting eyes) are also on the list. However, there are no theories or ancient wisdom hidden behind the seven beauties. One day someone figured out that there are seven beauties and we just follow them. Some of these beauties can be explained. For example, dark hair and blue eyes. This is seen as a beauty because it doesn’t happen often.

Seven beauties also for men?

Although the seven beauties usually refer to women, these beauties can also apply to men. For many women, a man with blue eyes and dark hair certainly makes the heart beat faster. In addition, long curled eyelashes and dimples are also appreciated by men.

Beauty ideal in other countries

Different beauty ideals apply in every country or even continent.

  • Africa: In many African countries, light skin is the ultimate beauty ideal. It even seems that women with lighter skin are more likely to get a man than their girlfriends.
  • India: In India, a light skin color is considered more beautiful than a brown one. A variety of skin lightening creams are also sold in India and many Asian countries.
  • Italy: Big noses do very well in this country. This indicates a strong personality.
  • Japan: Japanese geishas were judged by the skin on their necks. The whiter and softer it was, the more attractive the geisha.
  • Suriname: Rubens women are doing very well in this country.


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