Headache – The causes

Everyone knows that too much alcohol can cause headaches. However, soups, salt and muesli can also cause headaches. New facts about headaches.

Crooked teeth strain jaws

Crooked teeth can lead to chronic pain, such as facial pain and headaches. Due to the enormous force from the jawbone, an incorrect bite can even lead to orthopedic problems throughout the body.
Tip : Special braces can be used to straighten the teeth.

Why salami causes stress

What do tuna, salami, rollmops and parmesan have in common? They all contain Histamine. This substance can cause terrible headaches. The complaints usually occur after eating and disappear after about an hour.

Big handbags make women sick

Lipstick, telephone, keys, bottle of water and ladies’ handbags are often weighing up to 5 kilos. Result: They cause neck and headaches for the wearers of such bags. In addition, the burden is often one-sided and many women bend their shoulders when carrying it.
Tip : Take a small bag that only fits what you need.

Too much salt causes migraines

Even too much salt when cooking (Sodium Chloride) can cause migraines. Salt before cooking narrows the blood vessels and this increases blood pressure. This plays a role not only in high blood pressure, but also in migraines.
Tip : Season with herbs and eat potassium-rich foods (fruits and vegetables).

Fast Food Causes Headaches

Soup from a carton often contains a substance that can cause headaches. Many people also react sensitively to hot dogs. This is because many fast food foods contain sulfur.
Tip : Keep a food diary for common complaints. This way you can find out what is causing your headache.

Too much sleep causes migraines

Surprising! It is rare for too little sleep to trigger a migraine or headache attack. However, this does occur with too much sleep. Researchers have discovered this.
Tip : Patients who often suffer from migraines or headaches on weekends should get up early just like during the week. This is especially important in children.

A lack of water makes the brain tired

Totally underestimated: Too little fluidity adversely affects the brain, because significantly fewer information units are processed when there is a shortage of water. Result: The brain becomes tired and reacts more slowly, which leads to weakness, concentration problems and headaches.
Tip : Drink a glass of water every hour.

A hangover from the pill

Even the birth control pill can cause migraines. Because: The normal pill supplies the body with the hormone estrogen for three weeks. Then there will be a week’s break. Experts suspect that the rapid decrease of this hormone in the body can cause a migraine attack.
Tip : Switch to the minipill. This does not contain estrogen. Ask your doctor.

Headache from driving a convertible

Driving a convertible is fun. Be careful with high speed. The air cools the muscles and cervical vertebra, which can lead to severe headaches and tension.
Tip : Close the roof at high speed or tie a scarf around your neck.


Coffee with milk, pasta with cream sauce, cheese: Many foods contain milk sugar. Lactose is one of the most common causes of intolerances. Typical symptoms: Stomach and headache.
Tip : Use soy products. You can also prevent this by taking lactase enzymes.

Pain-free thanks to checking your pillow

Headache when you get up? The pillow may be to blame for this. The ideal pillow has a size of 40 by 80 centimeters. This pillow is better than a pillow measuring 80 by 80 centimeters, which often lies under the shoulders, causing tension in the neck and causing pain.

Cold shower tires the head

People who often take cold showers risk nasty headaches. The body resists the cooling, while the outer blood vessels become tight. Once we are dried off, the blood vessels widen. Result: Headache. Ice and cold drinks can also cause facial pain and complaints that last for several minutes.

Tax computer

Working or playing for hours on the computer is a strain on the eyes. Add to that bad posture, and the headache is coming.
Tip : Perform regular exercises while working at the computer. This reduces pain by 40%.

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