Childbirth or caesarean section

What is a caesarean section, what happens to you during childbirth? These are the questions of many pregnant people who are quite nervous about what may happen. There are different types of births. If you are at the end of your pregnancy, you are naturally nervous about the birth and how it will work. To help you a little with the information, here are different types of births.

A normal standard delivery

It starts with the breaking of the waters or the contractions starting, the baby announces itself. You are the first to be dilated, your body makes room for your baby, so that it can come out easily and less painfully. The cervix slowly opens inch by inch. The cervix softens and elapses.
Between the two contractions about 10-30 minutes and each contraction lasts about 40 seconds to 60 seconds. The contractions of the uterus become faster and more painful, this is called full dilation. The opening can be divided into the following phases:

  • Initial phase: In the 0 to 4 centimeter dilation, a contraction will occur every 2 minutes, lasting a minute. This can last up to 2 days, which is very normal.
  • Middle phase: Here there is approximately 4 to 8 centimeters dilation, the contractions become stronger and come closer together, on average every 3-4 minutes.
  • Final phase: Here you are about 8 to 10 centimeters dilated, you have to concentrate on absorbing the contractions, when the dilation is 10 centimeters, you can push.


An induced labor

  • You will be given medication that induces contractions. This is often done with children who were not born at 40 weeks, or if there is another medical reason for this.
  • Waiting for contractions can be more annoying than a normal birth, but it will otherwise proceed just like a natural birth.


A caesarean section delivery

If for some reason it is decided to have a caesarean section, as a mother you will miss out on a natural birth. A caesarean section disappoints many people. This operation takes about 45 minutes, the doctors make an incision in your abdomen, you can choose between general anesthesia or anesthesia, the baby is delivered through the abdominal wall. Most doctors make a bikini incision, this incision is about 10 to 15 cm in size, your baby will be born now, after which you will be given a medication that causes the uterus to contract and also the placenta to be born in.

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