Sex: know what you’re getting to eat!

Many people are dissatisfied with their sex life. In addition to being bored with each other, poor eating habits and a stressful life can also be the cause. One in three people attribute their poor performance in bed to tiredness or discomfort with ‘bloating’ or ‘flatulence’. But luckily you can do something about this and improve your sex life by paying more attention to what you eat. Not to lose those kilos, but really for yourself and your partner…

What you absolutely should leave alone

Start right from the start and drastically reduce the use of saturated fats that you find in cakes and cookies, for example. Saturated fats reduce your blood supply, which is precisely what men need to perform and have good sex. Too much salt in your food affects your blood pressure. It can become elevated and then you can forget about the stiffness. In short, pay attention to saturated fats and reduce your salt consumption.

Fatigue and yawning

White bread, sugar and potatoes temporarily raise your blood sugar level, but after a short time it collapses again. This can make you feel sleepy after just a few hours. Not very conducive to an active romp. Couples who want sex should wait until after the act before eating. In any case, many are already hungry after that sex party.
But remember that if you eat late and therefore go to bed on an empty stomach to sleep, you will notice that it is not comfortable to sleep with such a full stomach. Your body also has to endure a lot this way. There is a good chance that you will no longer feel like having sex in general. Simply because you no longer have the energy for it.


A rosé on a terrace and a good glass of wine: it can really get you in the mood. But know where your limits are. For men: how much can you still perform with and for women do you indicate your correct limits? Drinking often makes you freer and that can be very nice. But it can also work against you. Especially in combination with (hot) food, it can give you a serious dip or make you ‘just’ drunk. That will put a damper on your planned sex evening. So be careful with alcohol.


Nothing is more annoying than squeezing your buttocks during sex because you’re afraid to ‘let one go’. And we haven’t even talked about oral sex yet. To avoid flatulence and bloating, it is best not to put cabbages, onions and beans on the table. Also ask yourself whether there are any other foods that bother you. Leeks, for example, are not everyone’s favorite. Also make sure you don’t eat too quickly, so you don’t take in excess air and that also helps prevent unexpected burping. Not that pleasant either.

What is possible then?

If you want to last a whole night, eat mainly slow carbohydrates that you find in whole wheat bread and pasta. That will have a good influence on your stamina during the passionate games. Food containing iron, for example red meat, eggs and green vegetables, combats fatigue. Steak, cheese, salmon and low-fat yogurt increase the level of dopamine, call it the cuddle hormone. This will not only put you in the right mood but will give you the energy to stay in ecstasy for hours.


To get the blood flowing faster through the male member, it is best to eat fatty fish such as mackerel and sardines. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and in addition to speeding up the blood, they also soften the skin. And your partner will appreciate that. Protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken and tofu boost your hormones and also have a beneficial effect on your concentration. For a real male potency-boosting food source, men would do well to eat enough zinc. This can be found in multi-grain bread, oysters and red meat.

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