All information about hay fever – Homeopathy, tips & tricks

What exactly is hay fever? Can you get rid of hay fever and what are the symptoms? You can do all kinds of things against hay fever, such as all kinds of medication (homeopathic). Read all about hay fever here, about the medicines and all kinds of tips to suffer from hay fever as little as possible.

What is hay fever?

Hay fever comes from the hay season, the time when there was a lot of hay and people thought that hay gave you hay fever. When nature comes ‘back to life’, everything blooms and pollen appears in the air. One in six people cannot tolerate this pollen.
There are all kinds of allergies, including hay fever. If you have this allergy, you cannot tolerate certain types of pollen from grasses, trees or plants (or a combination of these). If you have hay fever, you will get a stuffy nose, sneezing fits, burning eyes and throat, asthmatic bronchitis, skin complaints and fatigue complaints.

  • You can suffer from hay fever from February to September .
  • If you cannot tolerate tree pollen or tree pollen, you will suffer from hay fever in February to April .
  • If you cannot tolerate the pollen of certain grasses and plants, you will only suffer from hay fever in July and June .


Pollen and pollen

Pollen is sometimes also called pollen grains. Everyone has antibodies against pollen, but when you have hay fever, you react violently when your body comes into contact with pollen. Your body gets upset by the pollen. For example, you start to cough due to histamine being released. Whether you will suffer a lot from hay fever is determined from birth, it is hereditary, but you will only suffer from it later in life. You have a 40% chance of hay fever if the mother has hay fever and even a 70% chance of hay fever if the father has hay fever.

The symptoms of hay fever

You can recognize hay fever by the symptoms associated with hay fever. You suffer from hay fever if you recognize many of the symptoms, but if you are not sure, you can always consult your doctor. You can suffer greatly from hay fever, but it is not fatal. These are the symptoms;

  • You sneeze a lot.
  • You have a runny nose that makes you…
  • get a stuffy nose.
  • You sneeze regularly.
  • You have clogged ears.
  • You have red eyes.
  • You have watery eyes.
  • You have an itchy nose.
  • You have itchy eyes.
  • You have itchy skin.
  • You have an itchy throat.
  • You are suffering from a headache.
  • You are very and often tired.
  • You suffer from insomnia.


Homeopathic and natural remedies against hay fever

Pollinosan nasal spray

Pollinosan nasal spray from A. Vogel helps against hay fever. The nasal spray is homeopathic and has a soothing effect. It contains no preservatives, it can be used for a longer period of time and it is gentle on the nasal mucosa. The nasal spray ensures that you are less bothered by pollen and it ensures that the airways are clear.

Pollinosan tablets and drops

The tablets and drops from A. Vogel work very well against hay fever. It can be used in children and it helps against itching in your nose, eyes, watery eyes, a runny nose and also against sneezing fits. It can also have a preventive effect, this ensures that you do not suffer from hay fever.


Steaming with eucalyptus reduces the symptoms of hay fever. Steaming activates red blood cells, your lungs absorb more oxygen and the oxygen supply to the body improves. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of boiling water and hold your head above it.

Gargle with salt water

You can experience a lot of problems with your throat if you have hay fever. A sore throat is common, but there is a cheap and simple solution. You can gargle with salt water, to make this water you must dissolve two tablespoons of salt in a glass of water and then gargle with it.


You can greatly reduce the symptoms of hay fever by using chamomile. Chamomile works very well, three cups of tea with chamomile works well enough against hay fever that in many cases the symptoms reduce and even go away. You can also use chamomile oil, which you can inhale and use to massage the skin.

Reduce hay fever

Hay fever is an allergy that you cannot avoid if you suffer from it. Hay fever can go away, but this is not the case for many people. You can reduce the complaints when the hay fever season has started, use these tips :

  • Ensure an air humidity of between 40 and 60 percent in the house, this keeps the nasal mucosa moist.
  • Shower in the evening instead of in the morning, before going to sleep. This prevents pollen from remaining in your hair and on your skin, so you no longer suffer from pollen when you sleep.
  • When you undress, do not do so in your bedroom. You spend a large part of your day in your bedroom and you must prevent pollen from being in this area. For example, undress in the bathroom.
  • When you have washed your clothes, do not hang them outside where they can dry, but let them dry indoors. If you let your clothes dry outside, there is little chance of pollen getting on them, and you want to prevent this.
  • Wear sunglasses when you go outside. This means your eyes come into less contact with bright light, pollen and pollen. This means you will experience less watery eyes.
  • Place screens on windows and doors to prevent pollen.
  • Go to the beach more often to take a walk on the beach, there is little pollen near the sea.
  • If you need to do activities, do them in the morning rather than the afternoon or evening. There are then fewer poles in the air that can bother you (the pollen concentration is lower).
  • Try to spend as little time outside in nature as possible. For example, do not go on a picnic, as this increases the risk of allergies.
  • Pollen can easily enter your home when windows and doors are open, so make sure you keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible.


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