Control travel sickness

Many people suffer from nausea and dizziness while traveling by car, bus, boat or plane. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is also called motion sickness. The hallmarks of motion sickness are nausea , dizziness and vomiting. Motion sickness manifests itself while traveling by means of transport such as a car , a bus , a boat or an airplane . There may be other symptoms of motion sickness, including drowsiness, sweating and a feeling of fatigue. Characteristic of motion sickness is that the complaints disappear after the means of transport has stopped or one has left the means of transport.

What causes motion sickness?

Motion sickness occurs when your brain cannot shift the horizon quickly enough with changed movements. This is very clear, for example, when rocking a boat . Not everyone gets sick with the same amount of exercise. Some people experience problems with little exercise and others only with very vigorous movements. Children are often more sensitive to movements than adults. As one grows older, the body may become accustomed to movements. For example, most people who suffer from seasickness only have this for the first four days, after which they get used to the changed movements and can continue traveling without any problems.

What can you do against travel sickness?

  • If you suffer from motion sickness in the car or on the bus , sit in the front seat so you can look ahead.
  • You will have fewer complaints if you are the driver yourself. So try to sit behind the wheel in the car itself.
  • Take as many breaks as possible during car journeys.
  • Let children look outside while driving.
  • Try to avoid winding roads, as a lot of cornering makes travel sickness worse.
  • traveling, try to focus on a fixed point on the horizon.
  • Make sure you are not sitting against the direction of travel.
  • Do not read a map or book, do not play computer games, etc
  • In an airplane it is best to sit near the wings.
  • On a boat the best place is in the middle of the aft deck, if you are seasick you are inclined to hang over the railing, it is better to stay in the middle of the boat.
  • Make sure you get enough fresh air and don’t eat too heavily before or during the trip.
  • Keep mints in your bag, they can provide some relief if you feel nauseous.
  • If you do feel nauseous, try to eat something light. Also make sure you always have a bag with you in case you have to throw up. This will save you embarrassing moments and ensure that the environment is less affected.


Medication for motion sickness

There are several remedies available for motion sickness, but not all of them are effective. The best drugs are Cinnarizine or Cyclizine, these drugs work after about 30 minutes and work for about 4 to 6 hours. There is also a good remedy for longer trips: Suprimal (Meclozine), which works after about 1-2 hours and lasts for 8-24 hours.
If you prefer natural remedies, choose ginger capsules. These are available in the brands Phytocaps and Vitotaal Ginger. This is less effective than regular medicines.

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